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Juju Salimeni shines on the cover of Hooks International Magazine as the Fitness Diva of Carnival


Photo: Mari Araujo - @picsmarioficial
Beauty: Carol Franca - @bycarolfranca
Hair: Douglas - @douguinho
Style: Kelvin Mendes - @bykelmendesoficial
Press office: Kaio - @kaiocezzar_
Fashion Director Hooks: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks
Marketing and Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

The "CELEBRITY" edition of Hooks International Magazine features a Brazilian star who is winning hearts not only in Brazil but also beyond borders: Juju Salimeni, the fitness muse and presenter renowned for her numerous works on Brazilian television. Juju Salimeni, the fitness muse and presenter renowned for her numerous works on Brazilian television.

In the highly anticipated cover of Hooks International Magazine, Juju Salimeni exudes all her charm in a truly glamorous photoshoot. Wearing a stunning carnival-inspired outfit specially adorned with shimmering crystals, the fitness muse and carnival queen radiates brightly, revealing all her beauty and power. The imposing crown, an undeniable symbol of her majestic position leading the drummers' section, adds a touch of royalty to the image, making it even more magnificent.

After two years away from the revelry, Juju Salimeni prepares for an unforgettable comeback. With contagious enthusiasm, she shares the excitement of returning to parade on the avenue and reconnecting with the carnival universe.

The choice of Barroca da Zona Sul as her beloved samba school for this comeback couldn't have been more special. The school, with its tradition and history, won Juju's heart, and she shares that the invitation from the presidency came at a moment when she felt deeply connected both to the place and the people involved: "It was definitive in making our decision."

(Note: "bater o martelo" is a Brazilian Portuguese expression that means "to make a decision," often used when finalizing an agreement or settling a matter.)

Juju's coronation is scheduled for the beginning of this month, close to the 50th anniversary of Barroca da Zona Sul, promising to be a grand celebration to mark this significant moment in the carnival queen's career. With the school currently holding the 10th position in the Special Group, the parade is expected to be memorable, and Juju Salimeni will be there to bring even more brilliance to the catwalk.

In addition to the carnival, the fitness diva shares her intense preparation for this comeback, with more rigorous workouts, a strict diet, and samba lessons to ensure she is in her best shape on the avenue. Juju emphasizes her dedication and commitment to everything she sets out to do, and her expectation is to add to and deliver a spectacular performance alongside Barroca da Zona Sul.

The cover of Hooks International Magazine featuring Juju Salimeni is a true invitation to celebrate the infectious spirit of the Brazilian carnival. Her energy, beauty, and passion for the revelry overflow on every page, making it evident why she is hailed as the Fitness Diva of Carnival.


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