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Julia Paula - The Brazilian Sensation in the "BRAZIL" Edition


Design Director: @mathlopes

In the captivating world of fashion, beauty, and entertainment, one name stands out - Julia Paula. This commercial model from Brazil has not only won our hearts but is making waves in the international fashion scene with her authentic style.

Julia's story unfolds from her roots in Natal (where she was born), where her innate passion for fashion and beauty began. Self-proclaimed as a makeup artist since childhood, she embraced her dreams of becoming a model and media personality. The journey began with a local contest, leading her to join the Tráfego Models agency and marking the start of a dream. Despite challenges, Julia's bold, determined, and savvy approach propelled her to seek even greater opportunities. The move to São Paulo proved crucial. Struggles, work, fatigue, and persistence shaped her path.

Today, the model is studying English in London and is focusing on networking and making contacts in search of opportunities. We conducted an exclusive interview with Julia, which you can check out below.

1. How was the transition from living in the Northeast, in Natal, to moving to São Paulo in 2017 in search of opportunities as a model?

Well... I've always been a very uninhibited girl. I've always had a vain profile. Everything in the world of fashion, beauty, and entertainment attracted me in a way that I can't explain. It's part of me. So, from an early age, with the tools I had, I sought to develop my skills in this universe. As an example, I can mention the fact that I was responsible for doing makeup and styling my friends since elementary school. It was impossible to know Julia and not notice this profile. Determined, decided, and convinced, I cultivated the dream of being a model/a media personality since I can remember.
Sure of what I wanted, in the first formal opportunity I had, still in my hometown, I participated in a model contest. On that occasion, I was selected to be part of the Tráfego Models agency. It was the beginning of a dream. From then on, I continued with this audacious, determined, and savvy profile. I did everything to grow. I worked at events. I did possible advertisements. But I realized that that universe was small compared to what I wanted. The result? I sought to aim higher. That's when, even in the face of pessimistic comments, I decided to expand my realm of possibilities and go to São Paulo. There were many difficulties. Discredited by most people. Far from family. But the dream was bigger. I kept fighting. I joined an agency. I promoted events. I worked. I toiled. I got tired. I suffered. I persisted. After all this trajectory, still far from what I really aspire to, I managed to bring my family to live with me in São Paulo. That's when affection, care, and love gave me greater fuel to keep dreaming and fighting.

2. Could you share more about the decision to study English in London and how it fits into your future plans?

The decision to come to London to study English was motivated by my desire to travel abroad and work as a model. English limited me a lot, and I always had a hard time learning it. I even took online classes with teachers from Brazil, but I decided to come here to learn in practice. The limits of our world are the limits of our language, and I needed to step out of my comfort zone. I am experiencing the process of learning a new language with the greater goal of expanding job opportunities. London is being a school for me. I don't intend to live here permanently; I plan to come for seasons and return to Brazil. I want to build a solid career in São Paulo, close to my family and friends.

3. You mentioned that your family also moved to São Paulo for a while. How did this change impact your life and your modeling career?

The move of my family to São Paulo was crucial for me. During the time my mother decided to live in São Paulo to be close and support me, it made all the difference. I became more at ease with them nearby, and it fueled my determination. They are still living in São Paulo to this day, and God has greatly blessed our family. We are nothing but grateful for everything!

4. Staying away from social media was a choice related to the end of a relationship and depression. How do you view this gradual return to social media now?

My decision to distance myself from social media was related to the end of my relationship as well, but mainly to take care of myself, realign my thoughts, and manage my depression. It was a challenging process. But I believe it was necessary for my personal progress. During the time I struggled with depression, I didn't recognize myself. It was tough, especially for someone like me who has always been lively and cheerful. At that moment, it felt like everything was going wrong, and that's why I decided to step back from social media to take care of myself and return to being the Julia that people know – joyful, resilient, and happy, regardless of anything. I'm grateful for everything. I see my return to social media as a new beginning, a fresh Julia with new projects, and a strong desire to bring happiness to those who follow me.

5. What are your goals while you're in London, and how do you plan to explore new opportunities in the city?

My goals while I'm in London are to focus on improving my English and building a network. I believe it's crucial to go out, meet new people, and make new friends, as it opens up opportunities for work.

6. Could you share a bit more about your experience as a model in São Paulo and how it contributed to your professional journey?

I can say that São Paulo was like a nurturing cradle for me; it's where I found more opportunities, and significant doors opened up.
Of course, it's not easy initially, leaving another state to live in São Paulo, "the big city." I had many experiences that I am grateful for because they helped me mature a lot, and this, in turn, opened doors for me to try my hand at an international modeling career. São Paulo is undoubtedly the place I'll always be.


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