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Júlia Pereira attends the second day of SPFW alongside other celebrities

Model was invited by the brand Another Place

Photo credits Caroline Brandão

On Thursday, the 17th, the model and presenter Júlia Pereira attended São Paulo Fashion Week at the invitation of the brand Another Place. The top model, who has also walked in several editions of SPFW and in the main fashion weeks around the world, graced the show in the 1st row alongside other celebrities, such as Pedro Sampaio, Di Ferrero, Vitão, Mari Gonzalez and Jonas Sulzbach.

Photo credits Caroline Brandão

“I was very happy to see that the event grew again, not only in fashion, but all sectors were affected by the pandemic. The Another Place show was sensational, I really liked this issue of the stylist showing human warmth, especially after the pandemic when we all stayed away. The clothes are romantic and sexy at the same time. Lots of symmetry, transparency, cutouts and different models. And what we are seeing in many shows is also the issue of unisex clothing, all very well placed and strong. Loved the collection!” said Júlia Pereira for Hooks Magazine International.

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