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Juliana Motta, Jéssica Cardoso, Camila Pudim and Renata Santti - Celebrity Cover and Interview


Photos: Max Carvalho - @maaxcarvalho
Hair Jéssica Cardoso and Renata Santti: Bruno DViana - @brunodviana
Hair Juliana Motta and Camilla Pudim: Nathalia Percilio - @nathaliapercilio
Marketing and Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes
Fashion Director Hooks: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

Welcome to the "CELEBRITY" edition of Hooks Magazine International, where fashion and makeup meet the shine of the biggest social media stars! Today, we are thrilled to introduce our four incredible guests who have dominated the fashion and beauty scene with undeniable style, charisma, and talent.

With the incredible work of photographer Max Carvalho, we managed to put four super talents on a single cover. Check out who our guests are:

Firstly, we have the stunning Jéssica Cardoso, a true social media sensation hailing from Brasília(BR). She has won the hearts of over 4 million followers on Instagram, taking them on a journey from her "outfit of the day" posts to exciting makeup tutorials. With her versatility and passion for content, Jéssica is an exceptional content creator.

Next, we bring you Juliana Motta, a digital influencer who skyrocketed to internet stardom at the age of 18. Her YouTube channel, filled with makeup tutorials, tricks, DIYs, and recipes, has captivated over 3.6 million TikTok followers and more than 1.9 million on Instagram. Juliana is an inspiration to many seeking beauty and style tips.

The third star in our constellation is Renata Santti, a renowned content creator and professional makeup artist. She earned her title in the first season of the "Bloggers' Race" program and has since gathered a fanbase of over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 4.9 million on TikTok. Renata embodies glamour and makeup expertise.

Last but certainly not least, we have Camila Pudim, the creative mind behind the "Bold Lipstick" channel since 2013. With a healthy dose of audacity and a series of successful videos, including makeup challenges, Camila has amassed a massive audience on platforms, with over 14 million TikTok followers and surpassing 3.5 million on Instagram. She is the embodiment of innovation in beauty.

Now, let's dive into an exclusive interview with Jéssica, Juliana, Renata, and Camila:

Jéssica Cardoso

1. Jéssica, how do you see the relationship between fashion and makeup influencing the beauty scene on Instagram?

I believe these two aspects have strengthened and interconnected over the years on social media, and I might be a bit biased, don't you think? They are two things I love. Contrary to what many people may think, I believe they are forms of expression, ways to convey emotions, art, and most importantly, tools for self-esteem. We can use fashion and makeup to feel more and more confident and empowered to pursue our dreams and achieve everything we desire. Honestly, I see them as two artistic forms of self-expression, and there's a solid relationship between them. Sometimes, I feel like one complements the other, even though they are distinct; they are intricately linked in the beauty scene.

2. You began your career by sharing "outfit of the day" posts. How did this journey lead you to focus on makeup videos and build your audience?

I've always had a passion for taking photos, and my best friend was getting into photography around the same time I was diving into the internet. I think we combined our passions and went for it! Hahaha, I'm very grateful to him and that phase of my life, but deep down in my heart, I know I found my calling in makeup. My very first video was about a hairstyle, and I still remember it; it's still on Instagram. Later on, a friend encouraged me to make makeup videos. She said, "Best, you're amazing, make makeup videos, you'll go far." I'll never forget that support because honestly, I hadn't posted makeup videos before due to fear, shame, and not considering myself good enough. That's why I always tell people who follow me: "Post it anyway, and if people laugh, let them laugh. Believe in yourself, even if no one else does, and keep going, you can do it." I believe this whole journey has taught me never to give up on my dreams. Today, I'm deeply grateful for makeup, "outfit of the day" posts, photos, singing videos, and all the phases I've been through and am going through. I love each one of them, and I know that by pursuing what I love, I've managed to get to where I am today, alongside all the people who follow me and whom I deeply love.

Juliana Motta

1. Juliana, known as the "queen of makeup challenges," how do you think makeup challenges contribute to your popularity?

Hello! Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the kindness and for inviting me to be part of this special edition of Hooks. It's an honor for me to share a bit of my story and work with all of you. Well, regarding your question, I believe they have contributed a lot, but I can't sum them up as everything that I've become on the internet today. I now have over 10 years of a well-established career on the web, and I can say that I'm extremely passionate about everything I do, haha.
When I set out to create any type of content, I always strive to innovate and become a reference in my niche. So, just like the content I produce today, during the time when I was known as the 'queen of makeup challenges' (I'm forever grateful for everything I experienced during that time, it was incredible!!!), I also became a reference in the beauty niche after working hard on each piece of content individually. That's where I find the enchantment of my followers... in being able to inspire and entertain them while also always teaching a new makeup tip to my princesses (as I call them <3).

2. You began your career by recording makeup videos. What tricks or techniques do you enjoy sharing the most with your followers?

I love makeup tips! Even with all my expertise as a professional makeup artist, I treat each follower like true friends, I'd even say BFFs, you know? Haha.
Today, I have two types of favorite techniques. First, there are those that I bring from the professional field and teach in a didactic way so that they can learn too, such as color theory and visagism... advanced techniques that I present in a friendly "tip" language, and they love learning them!
I also enjoy quick and practical tips, ranging from how to clean a brush quickly to how to fix makeup smudges in 5 seconds! I love exploring every level of makeup, and I love boosting the self-esteem of all my followers with each one of them.

Renata Santti

1. Renata, what was it like competing in and winning the first season of the reality show "Corrida das Blogueiras" (Bloggers' Race)? How did this experience influence your career as a makeup influencer?

I started creating content for the internet in 2017, and in 2018, "Corrida das Blogueiras" (Name of the program in Brazil) was announced. Until then, we weren't sure what this reality show would be like since it was the first season. But from the beginning to the end, from the recordings to the final episode airing months after filming, it was an experience that changed my perspective on my field. I had the opportunity to work with big names like Diva Depressão and Lorelay Fox, and experiencing the behind-the-scenes of it all was inspiring. Since then, they have always supported me a lot, and I am very grateful to "Corrida das Blogueiras" for everything. It's a project from which I still reap benefits and it opens doors for me to this day.

2. You've become a reference in creating incredible transitions in makeup. Can you share some tips or secrets for creating these impressive transitions?

There aren't many secrets, and each person ends up developing their own technique based on the equipment they have available. But it's important to have a vision for the video you want to create. From the beginning, I got used to creating the script in my head, but putting the ideas on paper can be very helpful. Writing down each transition and taking notes, especially when the video has many transitions, can be beneficial. It's also a good idea to test some transitions before the official recording to ensure that everything turns out perfectly!

Camila Pudim

1. Camila, you're known for your irreverent and genuine sense of humor. How does this unique approach contribute to your success as a makeup content creator?

I love the world of makeup and I love humor, and I think the combination of the two comes naturally to me. I strive to be as authentic as possible in any content I create and let my personality shine through to establish my unique identity. People really enjoy having that humorous side of me in the videos, and it resonates with them.

2. How did you discover your talent for makeup artistry? Is there a special inspiration that led you to start sharing your art with the world?

My journey with makeup actually developed quite slowly. When I started doing makeup for real at the age of 17, I watched makeup tutorials to learn the basics and guide myself. Gradually, I improved, learned techniques that suited me, and practiced a lot. In 2020, I began doing artistic makeup, which was a significant challenge because I hadn't taken any courses. However, I learned a lot through practice and by tackling increasingly complex characters. Every day, I learn something new and fall in love with makeup and its transformative and liberating power all over again.


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