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Karolina Moura beyond the catwalks. Be enchanted by this model that is synonymous with persistence

Karolina Moura, is a model, and at just 19 years old, she already has a trajectory of many overcomes and achievements. She is from Goiânia, currently lives in Miami and New York, has already represented major brands and graced several magazine covers.


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The young model has already lived in more than 25 countries, such as: Milan, London, Paris, Madrid, Athens, Mexico etc. She has already been highlighted by internationally renowned brands, such as: Dolce Gabbana, Armani, Hugo Boss, Guess, Maxim, Vogue, Magnifik, Intimissi, among many others.

It is clear that Karolina is a determined, empowered woman who exudes beauty and sympathy. Even with different challenges, she never considered the idea of giving up on her dreams, she always knew that for this career she would have to be willing and flexible, and she does not regret her choices. She points out that this career required a deep dive into this environment, which is competitive and is often seen only as a very glamorous job.

Karolina makes it clear that for this profession, a healthy, balanced and ideal diet for her physical size will make all the difference. And it's not just the physical preparation that should be given attention, it's essential to prepare psychologically to withstand the pace of the career.

And we at Hooks had the opportunity to interview this model who owns a truly inspiring and contagious trajectory. Come with us!

1-Karolina, have you always wanted a modeling career? When and how did you know you had “feeling” on the catwalks?

“Since my childhood, becoming a model has always been my big dream. I was always parading around my house, and I was always imagining myself on the catwalks. The games with the friends involved parades, costume changes, applause, among other actions that are part of this universe. When I was only 7 years old, my mother took me to some contests, but there weren't many since they were expensive and she couldn't pay the fees.

At the age of 15 I tried to join an agency, but they told me that I wasn't pretty enough to be a model and I also heard other comments that weakened my dream of this career. A year later I met Alexandre, the owner of the ACM agency in Goiânia, he was on a fashion show in a mall also in Goiânia. He already told me that when he saw me passing by with my mother, I called his attention and he had the initiative to approach me and then he called me to meet his agency, I went, but very hopeless, but the long-awaited moment happened. Alexandre gave me opportunities and in the same week I did a show and in the second week another one, and in this show an agency in Milan noticed me and got in touch with Alexandre saying that he wanted me to go to Milan as soon as possible, and a month later I was already working in the fashion capital, thus fulfilling my childhood dream. I always knew that was my purpose, and today I am very happy with so many achievements.”

2-How would you define yourself in a few words?

“I am a very determined person, focused on my goals, but without losing my essence, which is always to be kind, kind and calm. If I were to define myself in just one word I would say persistence, I always run after my goals, I don't give up easily on what I want, some may even judge it as stubbornness, but the correct definition would be persistence.”

3-We heard many people comment that the models are very disciplined. Tell us a little about your routine, your preparation for work.

“Working as a model is not monotonous days, that is, the routine is very inconsistent. Having a routine is not something so simple in this career, as there is always some casting, work or trips that you only know about the night before. But I try to have a healthy life, the practice of physical exercises and a healthy diet are essential. At first it was very difficult, but nowadays I got used to it and learned to adapt.

4-We know that to pursue a career as a model, both aesthetics and body profile are fundamental requirements. What is your opinion about the body profile requirements in this field?

“When we hear that someone wants to pursue a modeling career, we immediately imagine a tall, thin and beautiful woman. Many agencies look for models with a minimum height of 1.75 cm with a maximum hip height of 90 cm for fashion models, among other characteristics. However, a few years ago, this branch had some adaptations. Nowadays shorter women with not so thin bodies are already accepted as models. It is already clear that this career can cover different types of beauty, therefore, there is a range of options and categories of models and jobs. In my opinion I always preferred the style of Victoria's Secret models, which was the style of beauty in the world for many years. I think that a model should be tall, thin and beautiful, as this differentiates her from other people in other markets.

The modeling profession was once more respected, nowadays saying that you are a model unfortunately can sound like a 'laughing' reason and many people even take it to the thought of prostitution, and that is totally wrong, it is absurd.”

5-How do you see yourself as a model in the future? Is there a project you could tell us about?

“I intend to work for a few more years as a model, and when I realize that work no longer motivates me, I would like to study medicine, as that was also my wish before working as a model. In medicine, I already know what area I would specialize in, it would be neuropediatrics, I would really like to work with autistic children.”

6- Regarding your recognition, did you imagine that one day you would be such an influential model?

"In truth no. As I mentioned, when I was 15 years old, having a disappointment involving my dream/career, hearing a lot of nasty comments, it really affected my self-esteem, and I thought I could never be a successful model, but I was wrong. I am very grateful for everything that happened to me because it made me stronger. So, today I can see that the difficulties shaped my character and were essential for me to become a more mature person.”

7-In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of fame?

“The perks of being famous are the opportunities that become more visible, both professionally and in your personal life. However, there are also disadvantages, it becomes more difficult to trust people, one must be careful to distinguish who is really close by interest and who is close by affection, admiration.”

8- What message would you give to those who want to follow the same profession?

“Be very focused and objective”, that was the phrase I heard from someone when I was going to Milan for the first time, and I never forgot it, because I learned that everything done with determination will enable several achievements, regardless of the profession.”

9—Karolina, was there a moment when you thought about giving up your career?

"Often. Being a model is not an easy profession as many imagine, because we are away from our family, we spend a lot of time alone, not to mention the pressure we feel in various aspects. But I always had the support of my family, who didn't let distance be synonymous with absence. I always had a lot of faith and sought God a lot in the most difficult times, and I never stopped giving thanks for the good ones. So, to have achieved so many achievements and to get where I am, it was because I didn’t let the obstacles be greater than my persistence.”

10- Could you tell us some accomplishments that you obtained through your work?

“I worked for brands that were my favorites since I was a child, I did several magazines and reports, I visited more than 25 countries in 3 years. I currently work in New York, and it has always been my dream to get to know and work there, since in NY models have even more chances of becoming big names.”

11- Last question, but not least: if you could expose a message on a billboard, what would it be?

“Trust in yourself, never stop believing in yourself and think you are not capable, because you are!!! Each person is unique and special. Learn to be confident in yourself.”



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