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Kering Announces Major Investment in Maison Valentino, Strengthening its Luxury Portfolio

Photo André Lucat - Promotion Maison Valentino

In a significant move, Kering, the renowned luxury group behind fashion powerhouses such as Gucci and Bottega Veneta, revealed on Tuesday its plans to acquire a substantial 30% stake in @maisonvalentino for a staggering €1.7 billion (approximately R$8.81 billion). The strategic agreement with Qatar-based investment group Mayhoola includes an option for Kering to purchase 100% of the shares by 2028.

This landmark transaction is seen as a milestone in the world of luxury fashion, as Kering aims to forge a robust partnership with Mayhoola through the acquisition. As the deal is finalized, Mayhoola will become a significant shareholder in the French holding company, cementing a powerful alliance in the industry.

Valentino, the illustrious Italian fashion house known for its impeccable craftsmanship and elegant designs, will now enjoy the backing of Kering's extensive expertise and global reach. The synergy between Kering's unparalleled portfolio of iconic luxury brands and Valentino's timeless allure is expected to create a formidable force in the competitive fashion landscape.

Photo André Lucat - Promotion Maison Valentino

The partnership opens new doors of growth and potential for both entities. Kering, already a major player in the luxury market, seeks to diversify and enhance its influence in the industry, while Maison Valentino can leverage Kering's resources to expand its international presence and solidify its position as a leading luxury brand.

In an official statement, Kering highlighted the strategic significance of the collaboration, emphasizing the alignment of values and vision between the two groups. The acquisition represents a calculated move to strengthen their positions in the luxury sector and capitalize on the ever-evolving demands of luxury consumers worldwide.

Industry insiders and fashion enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of this alliance, as it promises to shape the future of luxury fashion. As the transaction unfolds, both companies are poised to make a lasting impact, setting new standards for creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation in the world of luxury. The spotlight is undoubtedly on the rise of a new era in high-end fashion. #Valentino #Kering


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