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Lacoste Watches launches a multifunctional collection inspired by the classic Lacoste 12.12 watch

Lacoste 12.12 watches have a strong connection to the brand's DNA, offering added functionality combined with a minimalist and elegant look.

Credits: Lacoste Watches/Movado Group, Inc.

Created and produced by the Movado Group Inc. under license from Lacoste and sold in Brazil by the jewelry store Vivara, the new Lacoste 12.12 Multifunction watches are available in the country from the second half of September as an interpretation of the classic Lacoste 12.12 models. This updated edition comes in three versions featuring a minimalist design and various colors for the new season.

The name of the line comes from the multifunctional movement of its watches. They have three inner markers on the dials, in addition to the main marker. The inner markers display the date, day of the week, and the time in a 24-hour cycle – unlike the main marker, which marks time in 12-hour cycles.

The pieces gain structure from the case made of nylon-infused resin, to which the textured silicone strap with the petit-piqué pattern is attached, a design element that is Lacoste's signature and enhances the contemporary aesthetics of the watches. The hands are made of metal with white details in the filling, and the dial features indices along with the globally famous crocodile, Lacoste's trademark, in applied metal.


Monochromatic, the Lacoste 12.12 Multifunctional watches arrive in shades of green, black, and gray as the ideal accessory to complement the look this season, highlighting the minimalist aesthetic.


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