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Latin Value: Misci exalts Latin culture and production in Latin America

Misci: Valuing Latin Culture in the 'Latin Value' Collection.

Photos: Zé Takahashi

Consolidating its global presence without losing its Brazilian essence, Airon Martin's brand reinvents Latin references in its refined design, presenting a collection that is an aesthetic manifesto.

"My client is not only the one who consumes my products but also the one who consumes my idea, the idea of Brazil," declares Airon Martin, creative director and founder of Misci.

The brand places the design process at its core, seeking the fluid and complex harmony between form, function, aesthetics, and raw material possibilities, while materializing the union of cultural and social elements from the Latin American context. In this way, the brand aims not only to cause structural impacts in its segment but also to assert perspectives in society.

Airon's idea of Brazil is intrinsically linked to the strength of culture and creative economy as drivers of the country's recognition and potential. This idea is amplified in the current collection, titled "Latin Value." Going beyond the borders of Brazil, the creator proposes a valorization of Latin America. However, it is not an utopian or romanticized approach. On the contrary, it is a provocation, a critique, and an urgent call against views that underestimate this region of the world and reinforce its exploitation by central countries.

The collection and its runway show start with the representation of the Latin American as the "cuckold," symbolizing the lack of value attributed to Latin American countries. This character does not recognize the richness of the culture and identity of their region, allowing it to be subjugated. Thus, in Misci's vision, this citizen is betrayed by not valuing what they possess, and this perspective is represented in the collection through horn-shaped elements.

Prints and textures, always relevant features in the brand's collections, tell the story of the different chapters of "Latin Value" and the provocations they bring. A striking example is a jacquard fabric that reproduces the effect of a scratch-off ticket, alluding to the luck that not everyone has - a critique of the misguided notion of meritocracy that places effort and dedication as the only paths to success, which is insufficient in a Latin America marked by inequality. Typical elements of the continent, such as the oversized popcorn that refers to corn present not only in Brazil but also in the Andes, gain new dimensions in the prints. The prints also mix with jacquard textures, forming a unique meaning. For instance, the single-colored jacquard depicts deforested areas in Brazil. This piece, which was already part of the Mátria Brasil collection, now receives an imprint depicting reforestation, showing the redemption of Latin identity as a form of reparation for what has been exploited.

Technical Sheet:

Creative Direction: Airon Martin

Styling: Thiago Biagi

Makeup: Rodrigo Costa

Hair: Carlos Cezário

Runway Direction: Augusto Mariotti

Executive Production: Estúdio Pastel

Soundtrack: DJ Ubunto

Sponsors: Heineken, Shopping Cidade Jardim

Support: In Mode, Innovativ Tecidos, Italytex, São Paulo Fashion Week, RC Beauty, and Tangle Teezer



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