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Livia Nunes is among the 24 global influencers chosen by Instagram

The #24for24 project is an initiative by Instagram that highlights the profiles selected by Instagram to showcase to the rest of the world.

Livia Nunes | Photo: Disclosure

The Instagram team is traveling the world to photograph the 24 influencers who stand out the most on the platform. Vibrant names in fashion are there, such as memphy, yamepi_01, @jennypark, and Veronika Slowikowska.

It girl Livia Nunes is one of the 24 influencers participating in the #24for24 project, a list of profiles that Instagram will showcase worldwide to its followers. These will be 24 creators, young, unique, who make a difference and are shaping the cultural zeitgeist.

Livia Nunes is known for her visionary eye not only in fashion and art but also in the compositions of her posts and campaigns, where, for the most part, she is both the subject and the creative director.

Livia Nunes | Photo: Disclosure

Livia has amassed 1.1 million followers on Instagram (@livia), in addition to 690k on TikTok. In 2024, the trend of the paparazzi aesthetic from the 2000s, combined with 3D augmented reality and creatively directed videos by her, is flooding social media timelines.

Livia Nunes | Photo: Disclosure

In 2023, Livia Nunes participated in the fashion weeks of Copenhagen, Milan, and Paris, as well as making her debut at Haute Couture Week in July.

Livia Nunes | Photo: Disclosure

Among her main influencer campaigns are those carried out with the Danish brand (di)vision, Dior, Arezzo, Calvin Klein, and her lectures at Iguatemi Talks and Getúlio Vargas University.

She was also nominated for the Latin American Fashion Awards and the TikTok Awards as an influencer in the Fashion category, and was elected as a standout in the Forbes Under 30 in the category of Plastic Arts, Photography, and Fashion.


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