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LOEWE Luminaries - A cutting-edge collection at Salone del Mobile 2024

Exploring new horizons at the intersection of art and lighting

LOEWE Luminaries

Photos Courtesy LOEWE

LOEWE, the renowned luxury fashion brand, proudly presents its most ambitious home collection to date at Salone del Mobile 2024. Under the theme "LOEWE Luminaries," the brand unveils an impressive commission of 24 luminaries designed by internationally recognized artists.

LOEWE Luminaries

For this prestigious event, LOEWE has joined forces with 24 artists who have a longstanding relationship with the house, resulting in an exclusive collection of floor, table, and pendant luminaries. These pieces will be showcased at the magnificent Palazzo Citterio from April 15 to 21, 2024.

LOEWE Luminaries

Each work in this collection reflects its creator's unique vision, exploring the properties of light in innovative ways. The materials used range from flexible bamboo to leather, ceramic, glass, and bronze, providing a wide range of interactions with light.

LOEWE Luminaries

Standing out among the designs is Genta Ishizuka's pendant luminary, winner of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize in 2019, which evokes an amorphous organic cell. Additionally, renowned ceramist Dame Magdalene Odundo surprises with a leather pendant luminary, deviating from her traditional ceramic works.

LOEWE Luminaries

Enrico David presents a table luminary that encapsulates his fascination with the human form, while Hafu Matsumoto demonstrates his skill with bamboo in an impressively intertwined table luminary.

LOEWE Luminaries

Alvaro Barrington and Zizipho Poswa bring elements of their personal experiences into their creations, resulting in luminaries that evoke memories and cultural rituals.

The complete list of participating artists includes talents from various parts of the world, such as Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa, Germany, Japan, among others.

In addition to the luminaries, LOEWE will offer an exclusive collection of home accessories, including ikebana vases and paperweights, all created in collaboration with the artists featured in the exhibition.

These pieces will be available exclusively at Palazzo Citterio and the LOEWE Montenapoleone store, along with a selection of limited-edition candles created especially for the event, promoting LOEWE's ongoing commitment to sustainability.


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