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Lorainy Guelssi: digital travel influencer gives exclusive tips for your trip here at Hooks!

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Lorainy is a beautiful young Brazilian woman, born in Guarulhos -SP, the city where she currently lives. However, her plans are to soon fly out of Brazil again, as the ease of travel is a relevant point, in addition to being cheaper than what it costs here, according to her!

Lorainy or Lolo as she likes to be called, spent some time in Ireland in 2018, that's when her passion for travel began, and today the beauty knows more than 20 countries and several cities from Curaçao, Zanzibar, Maldives, Cancun, Ibiza, Marbella, Qatar, Istanbul, Dubai, and others...

On her Instagram and also on YouTube, she shares tips on everything from destinations, to how to organize and plan your trip, suitcase, etc...

Instagram is a platform that works as a form of multimodal travel writing, where author-users act in travel performances by posting about visited destinations, in addition to searching for travel tips. In this scenario of social media, Travel Influencers emerge, who gain a prominent role because travelers seek elements, tips and enthusiasm to make choices that they would often not make in their travel plans. However, these travelers need to perceive credibility in the information collected.

That's where the importance of choosing well comes in! Lorainy has stood out with the characteristic of being descriptive and exploratory! She passes the information on clearly and with a lot of responsibility and credibility!

We had the opportunity to get to know this muse better, and also receive some special tips for you who are thinking of organizing that dream trip!

1- How did your career as a travel influencer start? What was the turning point where you discovered that you would like to make a profession out of it? And where did your big debut go?

I've always really enjoyed traveling, discovering new places, this Earth is too big for us to stay in just one place, I've always been very curious. But the passion for traveling became even stronger when I went on my exchange program in 2018.

I went to Ireland to study English, and I got addicted to getting on a plane and meeting new places, new people, mainly because of the ease of traveling around Europe, I loved going to Paris in 1 hour.

After that I did a lot of traveling and found that I don't want to do anything else but travel the world!

2- As a great traveler that you are, many of your trips end up being solo. What do you usually do when arriving at a destination when you're alone?

People need to lose this fear of traveling alone, of course it's better with someone to share some expenses and for the company too, but traveling alone I realized that it's cool too, there are no fights, I do what I want, I'm easy to be friends with .

Not just alone, but even traveling with friends, I'm the one who schedules everything in advance so I don't get to places and get lost. I try to stay in a hotel with a good location, usually in the center of the city; I research the most relevant sights and, if possible, make a reservation.

I go to restaurants, I know the local food, I like to enjoy a Boa Vista. I love my own company, but I confess that I use a relationship app (tinder) when I arrive at places, abroad it works very well, I always meet wonderful people and have incredible moments!

3- What places would you indicate as a trend for Brazilians who want to travel for now?

I recommend the beautiful beaches of the northeast here in Brazil, I am in love with Natal - RN, the climate there is pleasant and the people are incredible, there are great parties. And for those who want to relax or go as a couple, the Rio Quente Resort in Goiás is also a great option.

Para aqueles que desejam fazer uma viagem internacional eu sugiro começar pelo Chile que tem varias atividades incríveis e diferentes por lá, ou também por Cancun, conhecendo as encantadoras praias do caribe. Sao destinos turísticos , fáceis de planejar e cabem no bolso.

4- Do you collect anything from the destinations you know?

Besides amazing memories? Yes, I do collect fridge magnets from every city I go to, I also collect some small shelf ornaments from famous tourist spots like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Chichen Itza in Mexico.

5- What can't be missing in your suitcase?

My universal charger, my curling iron and my GoPro can't be missing!

Comfortable and stylish sneakers I also always take, in addition to personal hygiene items, I don't go without.

6- What is your biggest motivation when choosing a travel destination? And what tips would you give to someone starting their career in this field?

I like to know different places, with old stories, those places with breathtaking views, you know? Greece for example is such a place! I like the beach more than a cold place, so my eyes fill with paradisiacal beaches, the photos come out perfect! I look for the most popular destinations, but I also like to explore. For example, when I went to Turkey, I went to a cute little town that I found on the internet called Pamukkale, I was enchanted, and almost nobody goes there.

My tip is: do an exchange while there's still time! The best place to do it is in Ireland, the planning must be up to 1 year in advance, plan in terms of finances so as not to go through difficulties, but also research everything about the place beforehand so as not to arrive and get lost.

7- And last but not least: what is your voice? What would you like to shout out to the world if you had the chance?

Go live, go explore the world, don't waste time, we don't know how much time we have here on this earth, get out of your comfort zone a little. You will travel, meet new people, fill yourself with cultural baggage, create memories…

Life is one, and it is brief!


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