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Colors, fun designs and enamels give the new cheerful and relaxed tone

Photos courtesy LIFE BY VIVARA

Born on social media, Joyful Expression is a global phenomenon that transcends gender, age and cultures. Bringing back feelings of hope and optimism, after a period of uncertainty, Life by Vivara, the first brand of collectibles to be marketed in Brazil, launches, on October 17th, the tenth collection signed by actress Marina Ruy Barbosa. Affectionately called JOYFUL, the collection comprises 15 rings, 6 hoop earrings, 3 rigid bracelets and 3 beads in off white, black and pink tones.

Colors, fun designs, nostalgic motifs and humorous proposals give the happy and relaxed tone of this trend. Packed by the fun mood of the expression, Marina Ruy Barbosa mixed the basics with the luxury and glamor of the parties, bringing brightness and an elegant and striking color palette. With colorless and colored stones, the novelty brings to the daily life of consumers the trend of enameled accessories and a lot of shine.

Photos courtesy LIFE BY VIVARA

“The Joyful collection allows for authentic and joyful combinations, which can be used together or in a mix & match, mixing different colors, textures and metals”, says Marina.

Versatile, the jewelry can be used from day to day to parties and is 100% in line with fashion and style trends, awakening energy, optimism and joy in the post-pandemic period.

Photos courtesy LIFE BY VIVARA

In the campaign, directed by Giovanni Bianco, Marina Ruy Barbosa presents the collection and says that only with joy is it possible to go through a period of uncertainty.

“We created special jewelry that speaks to different movements, such as: Let’s Party, Joyful Expression and Hyper Pink. The result of this mixture brought authenticity, happiness and strength to the jewelry”, explains Marina Kaufman, Vivara's director of marketing and sustainability.


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