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"Medicine is a vocation of serving and caring for others," Dr. Debora Vianna for Hooks Magazine


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Graduated in Medicine from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas and with a Doctorate from the University of São Paulo, Dr. Debora Vianna is a Specialist Surgeon certified by the Brazilian Society of Head and Neck Surgery.

Since the beginning of her journey in medicine, Dr. Debora has always had an emotional connection with the idea of helping people in vulnerable moments of their lives.

"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to experience different medical specialties, and each of them has provided me with valuable lessons. However, it was in head and neck surgery that I found the perfect combination of technical complexity, intellectual challenge, and the possibility of making a direct and lasting difference in the lives of my patients."

Passion for Medicine

"What truly attracted me to this field was the opportunity to treat medical conditions that affect essential functions, such as speech, breathing, vision, hearing, and swallowing. In short, head and neck surgery represents, for me, the synthesis of my passion for medicine, science, and caring for others."

Sense of Perfectionism

"A surgeon must have a sense of perfectionism in their practice. However, it is important to emphasize that this perfectionism should be balanced and always directed towards the well-being and safety of the patient. Surgery is an area of medicine that demands exceptional technical skills and manual dexterity. Each procedure is unique, with its own complexities and challenges."

The act of operating goes beyond technical skills

"Perfectionism should be accompanied by empathy. The surgeon must understand that their patients are unique human beings, each with their own stories and concerns. It is a process that involves an emotional connection with the patient and careful attention to their physical and emotional needs."

Feeling of Gratitude

When experiencing a moment where the surgery is successful, the specialist shares that a mix of emotions takes over.

"I feel a profound sense of gratitude and joy. After all, knowing that I could contribute to improving the patient's quality of life and being able to solve a health problem are extremely rewarding. It's a feeling of accomplishment and confirmation that the dedication, years of study and training, and effort invested were worth it. Moreover, I feel an immense professional satisfaction."

Most Emotional Moment of Career

"It was treating a young patient, facing an aggressive cancer with low prospects of treatment success. It's an experience that carries significant emotional weight. Throughout the treatment process, we shared many moments of hope, anguish, and overcoming together. When the moment finally came to deliver the news that the patient was cured, emotions overwhelmed all of us. Tears of happiness and gratitude were a reflection of the relief felt, knowing that the battle had been won, and a new chapter was beginning for the patient and his wife."

Sharing Experiences

For the doctor, working in the same field as her husband, Dr. Pablo Quintana, who is also a head and neck surgeon, is a special moment.

"Medicine is a vocation, and being alongside someone who shares the same passion makes everything even more special. Together, we face each day with dedication, empathy, and the certainty that we are fulfilling our mission to care for and serve those who trust us with the treatment of their medical conditions."

Professional Fulfillment

"More important than treating diseases is treating people. I feel extremely fulfilled professionally as a head and neck surgeon. Being a head and neck surgeon is much more than a profession; it is a mission of care, compassion, and dedication to others. Every day is an opportunity to grow and make a difference, and this professional fulfillment is what inspires me to continue offering my best for the health and well-being of my patients."


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