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Meet celebrity photographer Kaue Carvalho

Kaue Carvalho has been establishing himself as one of the prominent names in the photography universe in Brazil. Having previously worked as a locksmith, salesman, and supervisor in a restaurant chain, he saw his life change through photography. The professional shared that his first contact in this world was as a video editor and explained how everything unfolded naturally.

"Before working as a photographer, my first jobs were as a locksmith, salesman, and restaurant supervisor in Brasília. It was still in Brasília where I had my first contact with audiovisual work. I started as a video editor in 2013 at a production company that served major events related to the presidency. In that same company, I began receiving invitations to accompany some shoots, and before I knew it, I was already involved in significant projects," he said.

He discussed the challenges of working in photography and commented on the difficulties that the profession faces due to lack of recognition in the country.

"The profession of a photographer is not officially recognized in Brazil, which hinders access to social and labor benefits. Each photographer may face specific challenges depending on their type of work and location," he concluded.

He also gave tips for those who want to pursue this career.

"Having a mentor will shorten your journey. In my case, it was essential. Dedicate yourself to learning everything about their way of working and strive to be the best at it. Courses, workshops, and conferences will be perfect for improving networking and generating opportunities. Lastly, choose a niche to specialize in," advised the photographer, who has photographed numerous personalities.


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