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Melissa and Marc Jacobs Reunite for Exclusive New Footwear Collection

Photos disclosure Marc Jacobs - Campaign starring Alex Consani - Shot by Hanna Tveite, styled by Milton Dixon Ill

Melissa and Marc Jacobs have once again joined forces to introduce an exciting new collection, featuring two innovative designs and a refreshed color palette for their iconic platform shoe.

Their initial collaboration, launched last June, became a sensation on social media and among fashionistas worldwide. This renewed partnership brings forth three distinct pieces: a mule with a curved heel, a ballet-style flat with a modern twist, and the highly popular platform shoe, now in a striking gold hue.

This collection blends Melissa's unique plastic materials with Marc Jacobs' sleek, contemporary, and futuristic aesthetic. Logomania, a staple of Jacobs' designs, is prominently featured.

The Melissa Mule + Marc Jacobs is a standout, with its medium, curved heel available in metallic and transparent options, offering a cosmopolitan touch. The ballet flat has been reimagined with a square toe and a buckle, combining classic and edgy elements. The platform shoe, known as Becky, now comes in gold, adding to its original black, white, and silver options.

Stay tuned as Melissa and Marc Jacobs continue to set trends and redefine footwear fashion with their latest collection.


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