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Nadjaliny: Brazilian model and expert investor in Cryptocurrencies gives tips on the market!


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Nadjaliny is a Brazilian model who exudes beauty and charisma! She started her international career in Mexico, and intends to invest in the catwalks! But we don't stop there, the beauty has become a great investor, as she used the pandemic as an opportunity to delve deeper into the subject by becoming an expert, not only in medium-long-term investments but also in cryptocurrencies, and what does that mean?

Medium term investments:

If for the short term it is important to guarantee that it will be possible to redeem the investment in a shorter period of time, for medium term strategies this no longer happens.

In practice, it is not essential that the investment's liquidity is immediate or that its maturity is close, since you have a longer period of time to maintain your investments.

There is a test called API: Investor Profile Analysis, where you can identify the best options for your profile, which can be bold or conservative, for example.

Long term investments:

The great and greatest example of investment thinking about the long term is retirement.

For this strategy, paying attention to maturities and liquidity is no longer so important. The focus is on ensuring the highest possible yield for the long term, so the most common recommendations are:

– Diversify – that is, having investments in different assets and types of investments, which will guarantee different returns.


You've definitely heard someone talk about it, as cryptocurrencies have been on the rise in the market for some time! but what are they really?

Cryptocurrency is the generic name for decentralized digital currencies, created on a blockchain network from advanced cryptography systems that protect transactions, your information and the data of those who transact.

What are cryptocurrencies for?

Like all currencies, such as the dollar and the real, cryptocurrencies are used to buy services and products online. However, this is not the main function that cryptos have gained over time. Because of the technologies that many of them carry, they were seen as a long-term financial reserve opportunity by many people.

We had the opportunity to interview this amazing woman and also take a "cone" about it! Come with us!

1-Nadjaliny, how about we start our chat by better defining what a Trader is, do you consider yourself a Trader? It is what it is? Is it a profession? A lifestyle? What is important to know about this job to avoid surprises when trying to master it?

Trader is a financial market investor who does several short-term operations, I don't consider myself a Trader because my focus is more on the medium and long term, especially now that the market has been down for months. I think it can be considered a profession because there are people who make a living from it. There is really no secret to day trading, as it is a very high risk investment.

2-What should a novice investor know before deciding to invest in stocks and/or operate with assets and derivatives? Is there a right way to start? What would you recommend?

I suggest starting with basic knowledge, with your feet on the ground and bearing in mind that this market is very volatile and, above all, you have to be very cold-blooded because at some point you will see your money melting away, and you have to keep calm so you don't selling everything is the key.

3-You are also a model and have done several JOBS outside Brazil, what led you to reconcile these two careers?

I started modeling in Mexico but I still haven't had time to dedicate myself, next year I want to focus more on the catwalk, which is what I've always liked in modeling.

4-Could you summarize when you started operating with investments and cryptocurrencies?

I first started operating on the Brazilian stock exchange in 2019, which was when the pandemic began, I had a lot of free time and had nothing to dedicate myself to. each day.

5-What does it take to work with the cryptocurrency market? And how do you think they are impacting in the present and how will they impact in the future?

The basics are fundamental to start investing is to create an account with a brokerage and deposit money, you can start with little. What you have is worth it. Cryptocurrencies came to make our lives easier, for example I no longer change money at a bureau de change, I can be in Mexico or China and have my money arrive converted into reais in less than 5 minutes, this is an evolution.

6- What would you say to someone who is starting in this area? And what are your plans for the future? How do you imagine yourself in five years?

I would say take tranquilizers (laughs), it's not easy, it's like watching a price roller coaster and you have to be calm if you're not going to go bald. In 5 years I see myself triumphing regardless of whether it's in this market or another.

7- And last but not least: what is your voice? What would you like to shout out to the world if you had the opportunity?

I would like to tell you to do mainly what scares you! Because if it works out, you'll live in abundance for the rest of your life, and be loyal to yourself before everything and everyone, don't do anything to please, don't stay in the place you don't want to be out of fear or shame of leaving. And much success to all who try!


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