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Nicole Bahls: Brazil's Sweetheart for the Cover of Hooks Magazine!


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Nicole Mariana Bahls is a Brazilian model, presenter, and actress born in Londrina, Paraná. It's needless to emphasize that the muse exudes beauty, possesses an enviable physique, besides being unique, and with an incredibly intense and contagious personality. She first appeared on television in 2007, participating in the "Musa do Brasileirão" contest, organized by "Globo Esporte" and "Caldeirão do Huck", representing the Paraná team, which she won.

Freshly graduated in journalism after the contest, she started working at the Ford Models agency in Rio de Janeiro and then moved there, which was the starting point for her successful career. Soon after, she became even more publicly known in 2009 by joining the cast of Panicats on the TV show "Pânico na TV," where she became iconic and won a legion of fans.

Nicole participated in two seasons of the reality show "A Fazenda," was also a reporter for "Pânico na Band," and took part in comedy shows such as "Dra. Darci" (2018) and movies like "Correndo Atrás" (2019). During Carnival, she has paraded for various samba schools like Beija-Flor and Império Serrano. It's evident that even at a young age, Nicole has achieved great feats in her professional career, and we're not stopping here! Today, the beauty has accumulated more than 10.9 million followers on her Instagram, where her goal is:

"To transform the lives of other people and make their day happier, encouraging the audience to fight for the realization of their dreams."

Undoubtedly, Nicole is an inspiring woman who drives us to seek the best in ourselves, showing that it's possible to get there as long as you dedicate yourself and persevere.

Don't miss the incredible interview with this wonderful woman below!

1- You've been Musa do Brasileirão, Panicat, participated in two editions of A Fazenda, and now you're a successful digital influencer, among other incredible works that are part of your career. How does it feel to look back and see all this incredible journey you've traveled so far?

It's a dream come true. I feel privileged and grateful for everything I've experienced and all the opportunities. I thank the fans I've gained through my work because without them, none of this would be possible since there's no artist without the love of the fans. I consider them as a large part of my family.

2- How did the Nicole Bahls artist come to be? Did you always dream of becoming a public figure, or did it happen naturally?

Actually, it happened naturally. I was studying and started working very early, until then I led a normal life like any girl from the countryside. It was during this time that I entered a contest at school to win a modeling and mannequin course. This was the first step towards my artistic career, and over the years, I did some modeling work in my city until the opportunity arose to go to São Paulo. It was a long journey.

3- We've heard in interviews that you don't consider yourself a beautiful person, which is "crazy" coming from one of the most beautiful women in Brazil! Is that true?

I appreciate it, but it's true. My mother always told me that I had to study and focus on some other profession. She said I wasn't tall enough to be an international model and didn't have the physique to be a photographic model, and she said I had to be nice. From then on, whenever I smiled, I remembered that my smile was what I had the best of.

4- You left Londrina in the interior of Paraná and moved to Rio de Janeiro. How was this adaptation? And do you think this change was the starting point for your career?

Certainly, leaving Londrina was fundamental to achieving my goals. Unfortunately, there weren't many opportunities in Londrina, and as soon as I graduated from journalism school, my mother encouraged me to move to Rio de Janeiro. It was during this time that I won the Musas do Brasileirão contest and signed a contract with Ford Models. I love my hometown, but I'm passionate about the wonderful city.

5- Being a panicat was undoubtedly the big dream of many girls! What does the beloved Pânico program mean to you?

Pânico was my first opportunity on television. I had already recorded a music video with singer Daniel, but on TV, my first contact was really on Pânico, where I learned and matured a lot. I am very grateful for the opportunity and for being part of this program that revealed several talents and undoubtedly left a lot of nostalgia.

6- Today, you have over 10 million followers on your Instagram. How do you deal with this exposure? And what tips would you give to those who aspire to be in that position someday?

There's no formula for success; it happens through our dedication. But one tip is always to post interesting and fun content. I believe that we influencers should believe that we can transform the lives of others and make their day happier, encourage the audience to fight for the realization of their dreams, and always believe in the power of God because for Him, nothing is impossible.

7- Your background is in journalism. Do you like the course? Have you ever thought about working in the field?

I love journalism; it was the college that gave me the foundation for everything. My career took another direction, but if an opportunity arises in this field, I find it very interesting.

8- If you could go back in time, what would you say to that version of Nicole?

Without a doubt, to listen more to my mother's advice.

9- And last but not least: what is your voice? What would you like to shout to the world if given the opportunity?

In a world so full of interests, I would say to people not to think only of themselves but to look more at others and help those who need it most. There is always someone close to us who needs help, be it a neighbor, a friend, a relative. There is always something we can do for others, so what I wish is for people to see this and for goodness to spread throughout the world.

Bye, bye!


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