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"Expressing your essence wherever you go!"

photos courtesy PANDORA

Inspired by the stars, the power of friendship, and the compatibility of zodiac signs, Pandora Moments introduces a new collection full of magic, perfect for those who share a special and unique bond. This new collection allows you to add a touch of personal expression, with two additional metal finishes to make each piece exclusive.

This release includes 12 charms inspired by the zodiac signs, featuring sparkling pavé constellation details, with the name of the sign engraved on the back. Encouraging the combination of your sun, rising, and moon signs, or those of your loved ones.

The Pandora charm bracelet, first introduced in January 2023, also joins the new line, but this time in two new metal finishes: 14K gold-plated and our unique blend of 14K rose gold-plated metals, offering new possibilities to express your style.

Two other designs expand the possibilities of using the charms in creative ways: such as the U-shaped necklace with a ball-shaped pendant and clasp, and the hoop earrings, for example. Both are perfect complements to the new friendship charms in the form of traditional lucky symbols like horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, and hearts.

Pandora's creative directors, A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo, have crafted a collection inspired by love and compatibility among people: "The collection highlights the similarities between us. The charms, zodiac signs, and friendship symbols demonstrate that while each of us is unique, we have things in common," says Ficarelli.

Careful attention to detail

The new collection bears the hallmark of Pandora's hand-finished craftsmanship. From the stones to the enamel painting and the assembly of each piece, care is evident in every detail.


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