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Pandora presents a collection that celebrates ancient symbols

Inner connection and renewal inspire the new jewelry pieces from the Pandora Moments line.

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A new season begins, bringing with it the opportunity to embark on a journey of inner connection. That is the inspiration behind Pandora's summer collection, Seek The Sun. The launch is filled with symbols inspired by the spiritual and animal world, aiming to illuminate the path of those who wear them.

Among the highlights, the Split Sun and Moon Dangle Charm serves as a reminder that there must be light and darkness for the world to be in harmony. Opposites attract: in love, in friendship, and within oneself. This concept is also reflected in the new line of stackable rings. The Celestial Sparkling Sun and Celestial Blue Sparkling Moon jewelry pieces remind us that there is always a ray of light in the darkness. The two rings are harmoniously assembled, representing a poetic romance.

The Hamsa hand, considered one of the most powerful protective items in the world, capable of attracting luck, health, and happiness, also appears in the collection. The Protective Hamsa Hand Dangle Charm or the Opalescent Blue Hamsa Hand Dangle Charm, with 14k gold plating, can be combined with the brand's bracelets or necklaces.


Throughout the world, some animals are considered spiritual guides that can protect and inspire, and the iconic charms from Pandora jewelry reinforce this ancient symbolism in the new collection. The bee pendant charm arrives as a symbol of wisdom, perseverance, and teamwork. The butterfly charm, with its wings made of blue Murano glass, is the ultimate representation of transformation, symbolizing rebirth and metamorphosis. The jellyfish charm, which changes color according to the wearer's body temperature, reinforces the idea of trusting one's instincts. The traditional handcrafted finish of Pandora's jewelry delivers the final touch, ensuring that each piece is unique and special.



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