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Paola Gabardo: Rising Model and DJ on the Cover of Hooks International


Paola Gabardo

Photographer: Mehjji Moana - @mehjji

Stylist: @cynthiafontanella

Hair: @pollysuzinmegahair

Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes

Paola Gabardo is undoubtedly an exceptional individual, captivating audiences with her talents as a DJ and model. As she graces the cover of the "BRASIL" edition of Hooks Magazine International, Paola invites readers into her world, offering a glimpse into the journey that has propelled her to prominence in the global entertainment scene.

Born and raised in Brazil, Paola's passion for music was ignited from childhood, nurtured by the rhythms that filled her home. With an innate musical talent and a penchant for performance, she quickly found herself drawn to the world of DJing. Paola's journey behind the decks began organically, immersing herself in the vibrant nightlife scene, learning the art of mixing and mastering tracks from seasoned professionals.

But Paola's artistic journey didn't stop there. With her striking appearance and undeniable charisma, she also found success in the world of fashion even before her career as a DJ. Always being invited to participate in luxurious events and work with renowned brands, Paola reveals that modeling gigs always came naturally to her, showing that her talent for the artistic realm has always been innate.

Paola Gabardo

Check out now an exclusive interview with DJ Paola Gabardo:

1: Paola, how was the transition from your modeling career to DJing? What motivated you to explore this new field?

In fact, there was no transition; things happened naturally! I had a group of friends who were DJs, and I had been playing the piano since I was a child, so I started observing my friends playing and learned from them. At one of these parties, a prominent club owner saw me playing and invited me to join his network... and that's how it all began!

Paola Gabardo

2: You mentioned your love for music since childhood. How has this passion influenced your journey as a model and now as a DJ?

Yes, my parents used to play loud music all the time (to the point of bothering the neighbors), they threw parties at home every weekend, and I grew up in that environment. Actually, I never pursued modeling jobs! I was always invited... since I was little. Even when I was called to participate in Miss contests when I lived abroad, I was surprised!

Paola Gabardo

3: What were the biggest challenges you faced while balancing your modeling career?

I've been working since I was 16. When I started working in politics due to my family, I couldn't accept several modeling jobs, one of them being the invitation to participate in BBB 16 (Big Brother Brazil). I had to choose between a legal career or a public one.

Paola Gabardo

4: You've had memorable moments at renowned events. Is there any particular one that stands out in your modeling career?

Certainly, Playboy! My dad used to buy the magazines, and I would see the covers of those women and think, "How beautiful!" And suddenly I worked with them, it was really cool.

Paola Gabardo

5: How would you describe your personal style and how does it reflect both in your modeling and DJing careers?

Eclectic, I'm a jack of all trades haha! This allows me to work with various brands and in different niches, whether in the legal field, where I have my background, or in the artistic field.

Paola Gabardo

6: What are your future plans and projects that you're most excited to share with your fans, both in fashion and music?

Soon, my music will be released, and I hope my audience will be happy about it, and maybe even an appearance on a tv serie. 😝


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