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Radiant and Authentic: Sasha Meneghel Shines in the New Collection by Life by Vivara

Inspired by the galaxy and its vastness, Galaxy brings jewelry with personality that combines maximalism with minimalism.

Sasha Meneghel (Photo: Fernando Thomaz)

Influencer and model Sasha Meneghel takes center stage in the latest collection by Life by Vivara, titled Galaxy. As the first collectible brand to be launched in Brazil on June 25th, they present their new line consisting of 12 models, including earrings and rings, made in silver and silver with yellow gold plating.

These jewelry pieces, crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, showcase a futuristic and timeless design that highlights the shapes of the cosmos, planets, and constellations, which are the protagonists of this collection.

Sasha Meneghel (Photo: Fernando Thomaz)

"Galaxy is an elegant and full of personality line. The rings and earrings can be worn together or separately, allowing our consumer to explore various possibilities and express their personality in multiple ways," says Marina Cirelli, Director of Marketing and Sustainability at Vivara.

Minimalistic, timeless, and ideal for creating stylish looks, the 12 models of Galaxy reinforce the possibility of experiencing diverse and transformative moments, always accompanied by meaningful and stylish jewelry.

"It was a great pleasure to be the face of this collection, which is about embracing change and the possibilities of being ourselves. Moreover, the design is incredibly chic and elegant. Galaxy presents jewelry pieces that allow for layering, with combinations of plating, suitable for both parties and everyday commitments," concludes Sasha.

Sasha Meneghel (Photo: Fernando Thomaz)

Vibrant, classic, and universal, the jewelry in this collection surprises with every detail and promises to captivate consumers who can create incredible combinations with delicate earrings and unconventional-shaped rings.

Sasha Meneghel (Photo: Fernando Thomaz)

Introducing the collection manifesto:

Have you ever thought that each one of us is like a galaxy?

We are a universe of styles, loves, attitudes, and moments, and we reflect our unique brilliance wherever we go.

Life has sought inspiration in the reflection of this shared radiance and the trend of futurism for its latest release: the Galaxy Collection.

Jewelry with shapes reminiscent of the cosmic space, allowing you to combine your vibrant style with the most radiant elements of the sky. In silver and yellow gold plating, the new rings and earrings are like galaxies, just like you: a true mix and match of colors, shines, and unique moments.

Galaxy Collection:

The Universe shines in your look


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