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Ralph Lauren Fragrances launches the men's fragrance Polo Blue Parfum

Aromatic woody fragrance is part of the iconic Polo Blue line

Ralph Lauren Fragrances presents a new fragrance in its Polo Blue line: Polo Blue Parfum. Bringing a new level of intensity to an iconic collection, Polo Blue Parfum embodies a rich sensuality with its characteristic aquatic freshness, being part of the aromatic woody olfactory family. Polo Blue Parfum was inspired by a meeting of friends on a sailing boat at dusk on the ocean and its sophisticated scent echoes the seductive power and freedom of the open sea, transporting you on an unforgettable journey of a lifetime.

The Polo Blue Parfum fragrance also brings a new bottle to the Polo Blue line, produced from recyclable materials, lighter and even more sophisticated, in a shade of blue with the logo and cap in gray lead. Developed by master perfumers Carlos Benaim and Pascal Gaurin, Polo Blue Parfum has notes of recycled oak wood (upcycled oakwood), derived from the creation of French cognac barrels, sustainably sourced patchouli and vetiver that gives a smooth effect, resulting in a enveloping fragrance, but at the same time rich and seductive.

Top notes: mandarin, cardamom and pink pepper

Heart notes: vetiver, clary sage, lavender and jasmine

Base notes: patchouli, frankincense and oak

Embodying the casual sophistication of the Polo Blue lifestyle, the brand has chosen model and philanthropist Simon Nessman as the global ambassador for the new fragrance, having already done numerous campaigns for Ralph Lauren -- most recently including the Polo Deep Blue Parfum campaign. Raised on the coast of Canada, Nessman developed a passion for ocean conservation, which inspired him to develop an ecological research and education organization, Cedar Coast Field Station, to support local activism in his community.

Polo Blue Parfum by Ralph Lauren is available in two volumes, 75ml and 125ml, with suggested prices of R$ 549.00 and R$ 649.00.


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