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Schiaparelli Haute Couture: A Symphony of Elegance, Fantasy, and Technological Innovation

Photos Disclosure Schiaparelli

Navigating the runway with the characteristic elegance of Schiaparelli, the Parisian fashion house kicked off the haute couture week in style. In a star-studded show, personalities like Irinashayk, Karlie Kloss, and Hana Soukupova lent their presence, transforming the runway into a stage where fantasy and fashion converge. Complete with a robot baby cradled by a model, adding a touch of surrealism, the brand remains truly distinctive.

Guiding the spectacle was Daniel Roseberry, the maestro of creative expression, who spared no creativity in shaping an otherworldly experience. The runway featured a standout display of bold silhouettes, shoulders structured like architectural wonders, and fringes adorned with the opulence of pearls. However, it was the audacious incorporation of outdated technological relics into garments that truly made a difference.


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