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Schutz launches new mini collection signed by Lala Rudge

With desire pieces and exclusive editions, the brand presents shoes in limited editions created in partnership with the influencer.

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Schutz, the full look brand of the Arezzo&co group, announces the launch of an exclusive collection with the main fashion influencers in the country, revealing Lala Rudge as the first name to sign the collection. Being a brand that is always ahead of the biggest trends, the collab presents desire pieces that carry elements of each influencer's personality, connected to Schutz's modern aesthetics and DNA.

Each one developed, together with the brand's style team, shoes that reinforce elements of their personalities combined with Schutz technique and quality. Attitude, trend, and style are proprietary characteristics of the brand and are present in this limited edition collection.

The first drop launched is in partnership with influencer Lala Rudge, who had her first collab with the brand in 2013, and translated her classic and sophisticated style into pieces that feature a mix of textures, such as lace and velvet, and adornments such as maxi bows that are the big bet for winter 2023. The highlight is the Maxi Bow Mule, a half-paw heel developed in leather and with maxi bows. Available in pink and black, the piece evokes the partnership's sexy and girly look.

The collection can be found in all Schutz stores and ecommerce, and will also have entries for products developed with two other influencers, which will be released throughout this month.


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