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Schwarzkopf Professional signs hair in Handred's commemorative fashion show at SPFW N54

With a collection inspired by the bohemia of Santa Teresa, beauty artist Carla Biriba brings a reinterpretation of the 1920s to the beauty of the catwalk that celebrates the brand's tenth anniversary.

Photo credit: Marcelo Soubhia / @agfotosite

São Paulo, November 2022 - Schwarzkopf Professional, a German hair care brand, participated this Friday (18) in the fashion show that marked the tenth anniversary of Handred, a brand from Rio de Janeiro led by its founder and creative director André Namitala. The collection's theme was the artistic effervescence of Santa Teresa with its historic architecture integrated into the local landscape.

Beauty brought references to the 1920s and the bohemia of the neighborhood not only in the silhouette shapes of the pieces, but also in the beauty, signed by Carla Biriba with Schwarzkopf Professional, which featured lacquered fringes applied to the models' hair. The process of creating these natural hair extensions, handmade, consisted of applying the flexible fixation foam from the Silhouette line, and modeling the waves, later fixing the shape of the locks with a strong fixation spray from the same line. To finish and reduce frizz, after drying the appliqué, the texturizing gel with extra-strong hold Rock Hard from the OSIS + line was used. The entire production process of the wavy fringes lasted about 24 hours.

To bring a contemporary air to the looks, which the artist called "20/23", an allusion to the combination of the 1920s and 2023s, all the natural textures of the hair were respected, using the OSIS+ Big Blast to prepare the strands and to finish the hair and shine the OSIS+ Magic.

The products chosen to create the hairstyles for the show are from the OSIS+ and Silhouette styling lines, by Schwarzkopf Professional. The range features products in gel, spray, serum, cream and foam, as well as different levels of fixation and control, which offer multiple possibilities to style the strands and create unique looks in such a historic fashion show for Handred.

The products used in the fashion show can be found at Clube do Cabelo Pro:, as well as in beauty salons, stores specializing in professional products and the largest beauty e-commerces.


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