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Specialist discusses the advantages of opening businesses in Florida

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Many Brazilians are seeking the state of Florida as a place to expand their businesses and create investment opportunities outside of Brazil. According to Victoria Bold, CEO of Asselfis International, the highest demand has been in the real estate market in recent years.

The specialist mentioned that this scenario has changed in recent months. The demand for new businesses on American soil has been increasing in parallel with the diversity of these sectors. Some examples include the importation of spices, wood, specialized services, among others.

"Photo Credit: Disclosure"

The state of Florida hosts the largest immigrant community from major South American countries, with a significant presence from Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia. In the sights of daring investors, the market is increasingly heating up to provide agile and secure opportunities for these new businesses.

"We can classify it as a massive conglomerate of new possibilities. Simply opening a company and being quick in the process is becoming obsolete. Clients are looking for something more; they need support in all areas. These investors require a greater dynamic in future possibilities," said Victoria.

This initial contact with a company capable of offering and delivering this consultancy will change the entire business perspective, potentially drastically altering their investment scenarios, considering that real and concrete information will optimize the initial picture.

"The state of Florida is rich in opportunities, as it boasts one of the highest demand rates in American soil for business openings. Much of this demand is attributed to the climate and the proximity in terms of logistics, whether it's for business trips or even recreation," the specialist explained.


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