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Thaianne Malhano - Celebrating Authenticity in Fashion


Thaianne Malhano

Photos: @fotosyansalvatierra

Make: @worneymakeup

Production: @fotosyansalvatierra e @woneymakeup

Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes

Thaianne Malhano shines on our "LONDON" edition cover. With her unique charm and unparalleled authenticity, Thaianne has been making waves in the international fashion world.

Though not born in London, Thaianne has chosen this vibrant city as her home. It is here, amidst the bustling streets and pulsating culture, that she found her passion for fashion and embarked on her inspiring journey.

One of the most defining moments in her career was when she received the invitation to grace the cover of a London magazine. It was in that instant that Thaianne realized the power of her authenticity and personal style. Since then, she has been winning the hearts of people and earning the respect of fashion industry companies.

In facing the challenges and pressures of the fashion world, Thaianne maintains her authenticity and passion for her work. She sets clear goals and surrounds herself with people who value diversity and originality, remaining true to herself at all times.

Beyond her work in fashion, Thaianne is an advocate for healthy living and well-being. She prioritizes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and moments of relaxation to keep her mind and body healthy and balanced.

Thaianne Malhano

Away from the cameras, Thaianne finds inspiration in her other passions, such as fitness and teaching.

Check out an exclusive interview with the model:

1: What has been the most significant moment of your modeling career so far?

The most significant moment for me was when I was invited by a magazine here in London to be on the cover. That's when I began to see that my unique personality and my way of working were gaining credibility from people and companies. I receive daily feedback of compliments and people wanting to hire me because I have a unique selling point. Today, the most important thing is to be yourself. People often try too hard to be something they're not. And when you're in a country that isn't your own, with a different culture, and you start making a difference in this professional field, it's incredibly gratifying. It showed that, in addition to having success in my career, I am contributing to a positive change in the fashion industry by promoting authenticity and diversity.

2: How do you deal with the challenges and pressures of the fashion industry while maintaining your authenticity and passion for your work?

Challenges and pressures will always exist in our lives, so to maintain authenticity and motivation, I set clear goals. Without a clear direction, it's easy to lose authenticity and even passion for work. I start by defining what I want to achieve. My focus on what I want to accomplish is so strong that pressure and challenges make me want it even more, and when I go through something and manage to overcome it, it shows me how capable I am. Additionally, I always seek to surround myself with people who value authenticity and diversity in the fashion industry, which inspires me and keeps me connected to my passion for work.

Thaianne Malhano

3: What are your daily rituals or habits that help maintain your mind and body healthy and balanced?

What helps me keep everything in harmony is exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, planning a routine, nurturing relationships (always staying in touch with people you love and who make you feel good), managing stress, and taking breaks from work, which is essential for mental health. Additionally, I set aside time for meditation and reflection, which helps me maintain mental clarity and emotional balance.

4: Besides fashion, what are your other passions or interests that contribute to your creativity and inspiration?

Since I was young, I've always enjoyed being in the gym taking care of my body, and it's really something you have to enjoy. I don't just mean keeping myself looking good for my own sake, but rather genuinely enjoying the interest in practicing the profession. My passion and interest lie in teaching (becoming a personal trainer), where I serve as a role model for many people, boosting my self-esteem and self-confidence to help and motivate others. Additionally, I'm passionate about travel and different cultures, which inspire me and broaden my worldview, contributing to my creativity in fashion and other areas of life.

Thaianne Malhano

5: How do you find meaning and purpose in your travels, beyond just exploring new cultures?

Visiting a new destination allows me to explore horizons and encounter different realities, which translates into personal growth and one of the most impactful experiences of my life. Traveling for me means stepping out of my comfort zone, leaving routine behind, and living new experiences. Moreover, when you're forced to rely on yourself, without your family and friends, maturity is inevitable. I undergo a change within myself, improve my physical and mental health, recharge my energies, and encounter different stories and perspectives. All of this helps me find meaning and purpose not only in travels but in all areas of my life.

Thaianne Malhano

6: What is the most valuable advice you've received on your journey as a model and passionate traveler?

Dive deep into your choices and never give up. And if you're afraid, go ahead even if you're scared.
You only learn by doing, and fear prevents us from doing many things, which keeps us living in a bubble, getting used to what we have, and not living or pursuing our dreams.
That was the most valuable advice, and thanks to it, I'm living and experiencing the best phase of my life. And of course, continuing the journey to be even prouder of the person I've become by pursuing everything on my own merit. This advice inspires me to face challenges, explore new horizons, and live with authenticity and passion in everything I do.

Thaianne Malhano


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