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Unveiling Kim Kardashian's SKKN Office: A TikTok Trend Extravaganza

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In the ever-enchanting life of Kim Kardashian, where glamour knows no bounds, the star recently opened the doors to her SKKN office in a TikTok trend video where people use the phrase "of course" to showcase their reality, often displaying unexpected luxuries.

Right at the beginning of the video, we see Kim, dressed in a fuzzy bathrobe, silver heeled boots, and a matching clutch, taking us down a hallway adorned with her framed magazine covers. Casually, she declares, "I'm Kim Kardashian, and of course, I have all my magazine covers covering my walls," incorporating the TikTok trend with her characteristic style.

Next, she enters her glam room, introducing a mannequin custom-made with her "body's personalized measurements." The space embodies the essence of her beauty empire, with glimpses of her beauty product "shrine" and a room equipped with both a tanning bed and a red-light therapy bed.

Unexpected Decorations:

In a surprising twist, the tour reveals a 3D scan of Kim's brain on her office desk, alongside a coordinating model of her very own "Kim Air" plane. With a touch of humor, she jokes, "I'm Kim Kardashian, and of course, I have 3D models of my brain and my plane in my office," blending the trend with her unique style.

Luxury at Every Turn:

The video ends with Kim relaxing in a room surrounded by gray and black cushions. Proclaiming, "I'm Kim Kardashian, and of course, my whole office is custom Rick Owens," the camera pans out to reveal the designer furnishings that adorn the space.

This grand tour comes hot on the heels of Kim teasing a "BIG announcement" for the SKKN brand. Responding to fans' desires, she hinted at the return of colorful cosmetics, assuring her followers, "Guys, I hear you." As Kim continues to redefine the standards of glamour and success, her SKKN office stands as a testament to her unique blend of extravagance and entrepreneurial spirit, all captured in the latest TikTok trend.


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