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Unveiling the Elegance of Taty Vipy: Cover Star of the "EUROPE" Edition of Hooks Magazine January

Model: Taty - @tatyvipy

Photos: Guilherme - @guilhermerosa_filmmaker

Make: Yasmin Cristina - @yasmincristinamakeup

Design Cover Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Welcome to an extraordinary journey through the universe of Taty Vipy, the shining star gracing the cover of the "EUROPE" edition of Hooks Magazine this January. From passionate dancer to fashion icon and successful entrepreneur, Taty invites us to explore the behind-the-scenes of her life and achievements.

In this exclusive interview, Taty shares intimate details of her journey. From challenges in the world of dance to triumphant moments, like the special invitation from Diesel that introduced her to the world of fashion, each step has shaped the incredible person she is today.

As an entrepreneur, Taty unveils the secrets behind her success. With a rising swimwear brand, Diadema Real, and now a fitness collection, she demonstrates how passion and dedication are essential to achieving goals.

Her name, known in Italy for Brazilian dances, takes on a new dimension in fashion and business. Dance, always an intrinsic part of her identity, now elegantly blends with the world of fashion.

Furthermore, Taty shares her VIP moments with discretion, balancing her presence at important events with a priority on her family. All of this is done with a touch of discreet luxury, personified in her nickname "Taty VIP."

Hooks Magazine is honored to showcase Taty Vipy as the star of the "EUROPE" edition in January. Join us on this fascinating journey, where dance meets fashion, and success is achieved with grace and authenticity.

Exclusive Interview Below:

1: How was the transition from your initial career as a dancer to the fascinating world of fashion? And how did the invitation to participate in the Diesel event come about?

The transition was challenging but rewarding. Receiving the invitation from Diesel to participate directly in an event, wearing an exclusive dress, was an incredible experience that opened doors to my involvement in the fashion industry.

2: As a successful entrepreneur, you mentioned that you faced challenges but found happiness with your achievements. Could you share more about the challenges overcome and the elements that contributed to your success in business?

The challenges were many, but persistence and dedication were crucial. I am satisfied with the journey, and I believe that success came from the combination of hard work and passion for what I do.

3: In addition to your successful swimwear brand, which is growing, Diadema Real, you are now launching a fitness fashion collection. What inspired this expansion, and how do you plan to intensify your presence in Brazil?

The foray into fitness fashion was motivated by a new passion. I am dedicating more time to Brazil, launching my bikini brand and the fitness collection, strengthening connections with my followers.

4: Your identity as a dancer of Brazilian music is known in Italy. How has this identity influenced your current endeavors in fashion and business?

Dance is intrinsic to my identity, positively influencing my work in fashion and business. This unique connection is a constant force in my journey.

5: Recognized as influential, you attend exclusive events and are well-received in important circles. How do you balance exposure and privacy in your personal and professional life?

Balancing exposure and privacy is a constant pursuit. Attending important events does not mean seeking excessive fame. Being VIP, for me, is enjoying my achievements with discretion, prioritizing my family.

6: Your nickname, Tati VIP, intrigues many. Can you share more about the meaning behind the "VIP" in your name and how this reflects in your approach to life?

Being VIP, for me, is feeling good, taking care of myself, and flaunting my own luxuries. It's not about superiority but sustaining my accomplishments and providing a comfortable life for my family. That is the true essence of being VIP for me.


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