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Valéria Vieira: Revealing the Beauty of the World through Fashion


Photos: Fagner Soares - @xfagner

Make: Thainá Andrade - @andrade.tata

Stylist: Higor Carlos - @higorcarlosf

Design Director cover: Matheus Lopes

On the cover of this month's "Model" edition of Hooks Magazine is the inspiring Valéria Vieira. With her aura of global elegance and tireless passion for travel, Valéria epitomizes a new era of multifaceted models, whose journeys around the world have shaped not only her style but also her worldview.

Throughout her life, Valéria has had the privilege of exploring different places, absorbing the nuances of each culture and experience. These enriching journeys are reflected in her photos, where she skillfully incorporates cultural elements to tell authentic stories. Her aesthetic is not just about elegant poses but about revealing the unique beauty of each place she has explored.

Living between Spain and the United Kingdom, Valéria finds inspiration in the geographical duality that surrounds her. Her photo sessions are a reflection of this duality, blending European elegance with British modernity to create a unique visual identity. Each photo is an impressive synthesis of two distinct cultures, telling a visually captivating story.

Check out the exclusive interview we conducted with Valéria:

1: Valéria, your travels around the world have surely left a profound mark on your life. How does the diversity of places and cultures you've explored influence the aesthetics of your photos as a photographic model?

The cultural richness of my journeys around the world is the driving force behind the unique aesthetic of my photographs. My goal is more than just capturing images; it's about telling authentic stories, incorporating cultural elements into poses and settings to reveal the unique beauty of each place I've explored.

2: Living between Spain and the United Kingdom offers a wealth of inspirations. How does this geographical duality reflect in your photo sessions and in the construction of your visual identity as a model?

The geographical duality I experience between Spain and the United Kingdom transcends the map to become a palette of inspiration. Each photo session is a dance between European elegance and British modernity, creating a visual identity that unfolds in a unique narrative in each photo, an impressive synthesis of two distinct cultures.

3: Your love for discovering the new is palpable. How do you convey this emotional passion in your photos? Is there a travel experience that particularly resonates in your images?

Conveying my passion through authentic poses is like unveiling the layers of discovery. An experience that shaped my style was my immersion in Italian fashion, reflected in the diversity and elegance that permeate some of my most impactful photos. Each pose is a vibrant expression of this passion pulsating in every discovery.

4: The journey of starting to realize your dream of creating a clothing brand is exciting. What are the deepest feelings you hope to convey through the pieces you create, beyond your passion for fashion?

In this exciting journey of bringing my dream of creating a clothing brand to life, I aim for my pieces to transcend fashion. I seek to inspire confidence, authenticity, elegance, and timelessness. Each creation is a unique reflection of the wearer, evoking deep feelings of self-expression and individuality in a world filled with fleeting fashion.

5: You mentioned the desire for your pieces to tell unique stories. Could you share a specific story behind one of your creations that is particularly significant or emotional?

My pursuit of elegance and attention to detail extends beyond modeling to the creation of my pieces. Elegance is the essence of gracefulness, while refinement is revealed in the meticulous choice of fabrics and intricate design details. A captivating story is that of a dress that came to life inspired by memories from my childhood, where each seam is a nostalgic bridge to the embroidered sheets of my grandmother's house, making the piece an emotional manifestation of my personal journey in fashion.

6: In this exciting moment of your career, how do you balance personal expression in fashion with industry expectations and trends? How do you maintain authenticity while navigating this creative space?

Balance is a dance between absorbing trends and preserving my unmistakable identity. While seeking inspiration, each personal touch I add is an affirmation of my authenticity. Maintaining genuineness is imperative to connect with my audience and stand out in an industry in constant metamorphosis.


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