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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté presents Lash Clash, an eyelash mask that guarantees up to 200% + volume

The French brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauté presents the new Lash Clash eyelash mask that guarantees up to 200% more volume with an ultra-pigmented formula, lasting up to 24 hours, without crumbling or smearing, and a cocktail of ingredients with a skincare function designed especially for an empowered and fearless new generation.

The unscented and non-bent formula of the new Lash Clash eyelash mask is infused with iris extract, from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's Ourika Community Gardens, located at the base of Morocco's Atlas Mountains and which incorporates the brand's social and environmental commitment. Iris extract conditions and treats the protein synthesis of the dermis day after day, providing elasticity to the texture of the strands and fulfilling its function of skincare for the eyelashes. The texture of the eyelash mask is thicker, creamier and more adherent, due to its oil-based wax composition in water, providing an ultra-black finish with up to 200% more volume in up to five applications, without weighing the eyelashes and lasting up to 24 hours.

Its patented applicator and the largest of the brand developed to date, has a double conical shape and is composed of 260 ergonomic bristles that fill, lengthen and guarantee maximum volume, from the root to the tips of the eyelashes. The applicator also has a diameter of 10.5mm to instantly reach all eyelashes -- even the smallest ones - ensuring that, with each application, only the ideal amount of product is deposited, avoiding accumulation.

Encapsulated in a haute couture design, Yves Saint Laurent's iconic golden Cassandra adorns the black and luxurious packaging of Lash Clash in a bold and disruptive movement.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté makeup artist Gabriel Diniz gathered four tips on how to apply the Lash Clash eyelash mask: "To ensure maximum volume and that bold button start by applying Lash Clash to the root of the eyelashes, very close to the inner corner of the eye, and pushing the eyelashes up and out, and do the same by touching the applicator at the base of the eyelashes. Push the eyelashes up and hold for a second before completing the movement to separate and stretch the strands. For the outer corners, use only the tip of the brush to apply Lash Clash to individual eyelashes. Oh, and don't forget to make zig-zag movements whenever you are applying the eyelash mask, from the base to the tip of the eyelashes to deposit the formula and increase the volume while separating the eyelashes."


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