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3 incredible tips to change your way of doing self-makeup

Since ancient times, makeup has been a distinctive feature in women's appearance, and why not, in men's as well. Just think about the Egyptians and the unique way they used eyeliner, for example.

Today, with the evolution of the cosmetics market, everything has become more complex, as applying makeup requires much more than just putting on some lipstick and concealer. That's why we've decided to present here three foolproof tips to make makeup a precise and efficient process in everyday life, whether it's for something more formal or for a simple trip to the store.

Starting off, tip number one is ideal for those with oily skin who still want to achieve that matte look. The big secret is to apply loose powder before foundation. First and foremost, the skin should be properly moisturized with products designed for oily skin, and of course, never forgetting sunscreen.

It's important to emphasize that this initial skin preparation step should always be done before starting the makeup application!

Next, it's necessary to apply a primer with a slightly "sticky" texture, as it aids in the adherence of the powder before foundation. Using a sponge, simply choose a translucent loose powder and evenly apply it all over the skin. To finish, use a matte foundation, carefully applying it with gentle tapping motions.

dica para pele oleosa

Credits: Talita Akemy

In the second tip, the key trick is to correct the skin before applying foundation, all to help cover those unwanted blemishes. Just grab a set of color correcting concealers or a concealer that matches the blemish's color.

Found it a bit complicated?! Well, here's the breakdown:

Green Concealer: helps neutralize red blemishes (e.g., acne, rosacea, etc.);

Orange Concealer: used to correct bluish under-eye circles; a stronger orange shade is suitable for medium skin tones, while salmon tones work for lighter skin tones;

Lilac Concealer: neutralizes yellowish blemishes;

Red Concealer: for greenish blemishes or dark under-eye circles on darker skin tones.

Knowing this, after prepping the skin, the idea is to neutralize the blemishes that need to be covered with the correct tones and then finish with a foundation and concealer that match the skin tone.

como camuflar manchas no rosto

Credits: Talita Akemy

As the final tip, the idea is to place the foundation on your hand or directly on your face and then use a brush to apply it with tapping motions, aiming for greater coverage while maintaining a light appearance. The goal of this technique is to achieve a more natural-looking skin. To finish, use a damp sponge that helps prevent excessive product absorption and results in a softer application, leaving the skin even and with a more natural finish.

These are just three tips, but they will undoubtedly make a significant difference in your self-makeup routine. Above all, the goal is for applying makeup to be an enjoyable part of your daily routine, because that's what truly matters!

melhor jeito de aplicar uma base

Credits: Talita Akemy


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