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A Journey of Overcoming: The Story of Petrus Peixoto

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In a world filled with stories of resilience and triumph, Petrus Peixoto's journey stands out as a true inspiration. His path is a unique blend of exceptional academic achievements, remarkable professional success, and an unwavering commitment to community service. What makes his story even more remarkable is how he transformed the challenges he faced in his childhood into a source of motivation and determination.

Now, join Petrus as he shares his story with Hooks Magazine Business:

My name is Petrus Peixoto. My academic background includes a bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Texas in Dallas and a master's degree in Finance from Florida International University. I sought to enhance my knowledge in Neuroscience through a workshop at the prestigious Stanford University and completed training courses in emotional intelligence with Harvard's Psychology of Emotional Intelligence.

During my professional journey, I worked in a company focused on individuals with epilepsy, a condition I also faced as a child, providing me with a profound understanding of their needs and challenges. To further expand my knowledge in Neuroscience, I pursued a specialization through the Neuroleadership Association in California. Currently, I am pursuing a master's degree in neuroscience.

I also have additional training in business from CATS College in London and achieved several oratory championships during my undergraduate studies at UTD (University of Texas, Dallas).

From the ages of 10 to 18, I was a drum and baton athlete, securing significant titles at regional, national, and international levels. I became a 5-time national champion, a two-time North Northeast champion, and ranked 11th in the Oklahoma Poll Bending Open, remaining among the top 10 at the age of 16.

I transitioned into becoming an investment analyst and financial education instructor at a Miami-based investment company. I earned certification from the State of Florida for Series 65 and was part of the 'Beyond the Court' project, which aimed to provide financial education to basketball athletes across the country. The project had a partnership with the Brazilian Basketball Confederation and was non-profit.

Approximately three years ago, I discovered that I had ADHD and embarked on a mission this year to provide as much content as possible about living with ADHD for children and achieving success in their pursuits. I delivered presentations at the most prominent schools in the capital of Pernambuco, among others. In total, we reached over 3000 students, parents, and education professionals with enriching content about the disorder.

Currently, I invest in the stock markets, both American and Brazilian, in the fields of horse racing and American aesthetic clinics. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My father was also an outstanding athlete, playing basketball for years and earning a spot on the Brazilian national team. He became a prominent businessman in the logistics industry, being one of the largest clients of Ambev, and is currently the President of the Brazilian Basketball Association.

My hardworking mother also became the greatest support for my father during his most challenging and darkest moments. She was my staunchest supporter in everything I aspired to do and remained a determined architect, even after giving birth to three children. My mother bestowed upon me the greatest gift I could ever ask for by connecting me to God, becoming a source of strength and hope amid numerous challenges.

With perseverance and determination, I transformed my fears into motivation and overcame adversities. Today, I am a successful entrepreneur and an inspiring speaker, sharing my experiences and knowledge to assist others in tackling their own challenges.

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Nice. My name is Kauan, I’m Brazilian. I have ADHD too. See a people overcoming the problems of disorder. Gave me strong to continue in the journey to pursuit great achievement.

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