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Ana Namor: talks about her promising modeling career and says goodbye to professional acrobatics


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Ana was born in Russia, and currently lives in Mexico, where she moved to explore the city, meet new people and invest even more in her career as a model.

He always liked sports and as a child he loved sports activities.

She started her career in the world of sports as a dancer, but everything changed when she watched an aerial acrobatic show, so she invested and became a professional in the sport of acobracia.

She has always drawn attention for her impressive beauty, and has been modeling since she was 16.

So she was active in both areas, and after traveling to over 12 countries with her shows and doing the biggest stages and clubs in the world, she realized that she was always looking for opportunities as a model.

It even came out in magazines in Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

And today, as previously mentioned, she lives in Mexico, where she intends to dedicate herself 100% to her modeling career.

We had the opportunity to interview this amazing woman, come with us!

1-Acrobatics is a sporting activity and, at the same time, a performing art. It requires not only balance, but also coordination and agility. It takes a lot of dedication and overcoming to become a professional! How did your story with acrobatics begin?

I was always excited about sports and as a child i loved sport activities. My career started as a dancer, bit when i moved to Dubai for the first time i watched an aerial acrobatic show, my heart stopped and i knew at that moment i have to do this.

2-You became a professional in acrobatics, what did you most like to do in your performances?

Aerial acrobatics is not a pure sport because apart from strength and a lot of practice it requires you to act, to "live" in your character on stage. What captivated me the most was living in the character, feeling joy, love, drama and sorrow and sharing it with the audience.

3-Today you are a professional model, how was this career transition?

I was always modelling from the age of 16, did my very first snaps spent all my pocket money on it. Just when i got into professional sport it started taking more of my time. After i travelled more then 12 countries with my shows and did biggest stages and clubs in the World i realised i done it all and is time for a new chapter in my life. While travelling with my shows i always was searching for modelling opportunties in the countries i been in. I was published in some magazines in Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

4-Currently you moved to Mexico, what made that country become your new home?

Since i discovered Mexico for the first time last year my heart was captivated complitely by the culture, the people, the language. I learnt spanish and on daily basis it makes me happy to discover local culture and people! Im still very new herr but i can feel its a big modelling potential here.

5-How has your experience in the fashion world been?

So far my main speciality has been editorials, photoshpots for brands and face modelling which is very popular thing in Dubai for big make up artists and workshops and etc, thanks to that experience now i know much more about model beauty secrets!

6- And last but not least l: what is your voice? What would you like to shout out to the world if you had the opportunity?

I guess i always do shout out one simple thing- live your life at your maximum potential, dont be afraid, be humble, reapectful and whenever you have opportunity- always support your friends! That makes life so much brighter!

Big thanks to HOOKS Magazine for having me! feeling super happy and honoured


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