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ARTEMISI debuts at SPFW56 with a Collection that Defies Time

Exploring Time in the Debut

Singer Urias from ARTEMISI - Photos Fotosite, Official SPFW agency

The ARTEMISI, an independent fashion brand founded by Mayari Jubini, made its striking debut at São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW56) with a collection that transcends time. Titled "Réquiem for the time," the line captures futurism with influences from art, cinema, and literature that shaped the designer's childhood.

Photos Fotosite, Official SPFW agency

Since childhood, Mayari Jubini saw art and cinema as a gateway to new worlds. This childhood inspiration manifests in the debut collection of ARTEMISI, where Mayari translates her personal references into fashion, creating a unique narrative.

Model Ana Luiza Lopes - Photos Fotosite, Official SPFW agency

The collection, consisting of 24 looks, is an ode to innovation, featuring a color palette ranging from black and silver to gold, gray, wine, blue, and off-white. Cutting-edge techniques dominate the runway, from 3D-printed pieces with unique shapes, textures, and transparencies to embroideries, hand paintings, and prints. A highlight is a piece entirely made of steel, showcasing the versatility of ARTEMISI.

Photos Fotosite, Official SPFW agency

"Réquiem for the Time" is a story interwoven between time and memory. Mayari Jubini delved into her recollections to bring forth these references, making the collection not only futuristic but also emotional and personal. "I brought the story of my affections," reveals the designer.

Model Anick - Photos Fotosite, Official SPFW agency

ARTEMISI defines itself as futuristic, technological, and innovative. Mayari emphasizes that time is the central theme of the brand, and the collection not only introduces references from the past but also continuously explores new ways of creating garments with innovative techniques that promise to shape the future of independent fashion.

Mayari Jubini with model Anick - Photos Fotosite, Official SPFW agency

She partners with the hair care brand TRUSS, which is responsible for the hairstyles in the runway show. With a glossy, wet look, braids, and minimalist hairstyles, the models reflect in their hair the vision of an authentic and attitude-driven future, perfectly complementing the innovative aesthetic of the collection.

Opinion from Matheus Hooks (Editor-In-Chief of Hooks Magazine International):

"ARTEMISI not only debuts at SPFW56 but leaves its mark by challenging temporal conventions in fashion, presenting a collection that is a true 'Réquiem for the time.' Futurism, technology, and innovation become synonymous with ARTEMISI, promising a unique and captivating aesthetic future. A beautiful debut and a bright future ahead for the designer."


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