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Barbie Core - Fashion Trend 2023?


The Barbie Core fashion trend is back and ready to take over the fashion world once again. Inspired by the iconic doll, Barbie fashion is winning the hearts and minds of fashionistas around the world. With neon colors, especially pink, as a highlight, the trend has been successful on social media and promises to be a big trend for the summer season. The return of the trend is largely due to the live-action Barbie movie, which will be starring Margot Robbie and released in July of this year.

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The extravagant look, with lots of pink and vintage touches, brings back the aesthetics of the 1980s. Tights and hair bands are also among the key pieces to incorporate the Barbie Core trend into your wardrobe. The color pink, in its various shades, is the main protagonist of the Barbie Core trend.

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In addition to the influence of the movie, the trend was also boosted by Valentino's fall/winter 2022-23 collection, which showcased an entire line in shades of pink during Paris Fashion Week. This indicated that the color would be a major trend for the season and helped to boost the Barbie Core trend.

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In times of uncertainty and darkness, the Barbie Core trend is a welcome addition to bring brightness and joy to our lives. Whether it's in dresses, accessories, or makeup, the vibrant pink of the trend is hard to resist and promises to be one of the big highlights of fashion this summer.

If you want to add a touch of Barbie Core to your personal style, try incorporating the color pink into your looks and accessories. Opt for tights, hair bands, dresses, and skirts in shades of pink or sugary colors for a look that is fun and feminine. With the Barbie Core trend, fashion is once again having fun and exploring the more playful side of fashion.


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