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Billie Eilish stars in Gucci campaing - photo disclosure

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Billie Eilish takes center stage as the featured artist in Gucci's latest campaign, showcasing the iconic Horsebit 1955 handbag. What makes this launch truly exceptional is the bag's transformation into Demetra, a cruelty-free material crafted from over 75% plant-based and renewable resources, marking a significant stride in sustainability.

This avant-garde release, born from a two-year research endeavor by the Italian fashion house, not only embraces animal-free alternatives but also introduces a refreshed, asymmetrical silhouette to the classic design.

Billie Eilish stars in Gucci campaing - photo disclosure

As the face of this eco-conscious venture, Billie Eilish effortlessly embodies the bag's ethos, harmonizing quality, softness, and longevity. The fusion of her distinctive style with Gucci's commitment to sustainable luxury creates a visual narrative that transcends fashion norms.

In tandem with the launch, Gucci has made a generous donation to Support+Feed, a non-profit organization founded in 2020 by Maggie Baird. Dedicated to combating the climate crisis and food insecurity, Support+Feed strives for an equitable, plant-based food system. This philanthropic gesture adds a meaningful layer to the campaign, emphasizing the brand's dedication not only to style but also to social and environmental responsibility.

Gucci's bold move towards sustainability, coupled with Billie Eilish's influential presence, marks a turning point in the intersection of fashion, ethics, and environmental consciousness. The iconic Horsebit 1955 handbag in Demetra stands not just as a fashion statement but as a symbol of progress towards a more compassionate and sustainable future.



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