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Bottega Veneta reopens its flagship store in Paris

Located on the iconic Avenue Montaigne, it's the first store under the creative direction of Matthieu Blazy.

Photos courtesy Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta unveils its new flagship store in Paris on September 25th. The two-story space at 12 Avenue Montaigne marks the first Bottega Veneta store designed by Matthieu Blazy. The store seamlessly blends Italian craftsmanship with a modernist sensibility, taking visitors on an imaginative journey through the past, present, future, and beyond.

Spanning nearly 800 square meters, the space is defined by two essential materials: Venetian glass and Italian walnut wood. Industrial square glass blocks are integrated into the floor, ceiling, and walls, creating a grid-like geometry and diffused, uniform lighting throughout the store. Walnut wood panels frame the glass blocks and also delineate transition spaces, such as the staircase and the jewelry corridor.

A play of volume and scale runs throughout the store, juxtaposing cosmic exploration references with cozy and intimate enclaves. The design centers around a bright, open-plan retail space, interspersed with soft seating areas and flanked by intimate fitting rooms and VIP sections. In the gently undulating hallway of the gallery, curvilinear shapes and the unifying use of wood create an atmosphere of serene privacy.

Throughout the store, the brand's inseparable connection to craftsmanship finds expression in unique furniture and accessories, including custom-made wood and glass rails, handcrafted by Venetian artisans. Soft textures are found in leather seating and woolen rugs, harking back to the sensory and inventive nature of Bottega Veneta collections, while modular shelves create a sense of discovery and playfulness.

The interaction with original and handmade design begins at the entrance, where the front door features a unique glass handle by the Japanese artist Ritsue Mishima, based in Venice. Other brass hooks and handles throughout the store follow Blazy's Drop theme, while unique Drop elements on the store mirrors create undulating reflections, suggesting Venice's aquatic urban landscape.

Launching with the complete Winter 23 collection, 12 Avenue Montaigne will house all Bottega Veneta product categories, along with a new in-store customization service for selected leather goods.


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