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Brightness and Elegance: Swarovski and Skims Join Forces in a Stunning Partnership

Photo: Mert Alas - disclosure Instagram @kimkardashian

Austrian crystal company Swarovski (@swarovski) has recently announced a partnership that is poised to bring about a fashion revolution. Teaming up with the clothing and shapewear brand Skims (@skims) this collaboration is set to redefine the concept of elegance. The creative genius of Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovskis director merges effortlessly with Kim Kardashians fashion influence, as the founder of Skims in this joint venture.

The resulting collection is a celebration of femininity, sensuality and sophistication. It showcases a range of body jewelry, luxurious intimate wear and stylish ready to wear garments that perfectly encapsulate the modern womans spirit.

Undoubtedly stealing the spotlight are the pieces meticulously adorned with Swarovskis dazzling crystals. Mesh dresses and bodysuits are transformed into works of art where high fashion seamlessly blends with practicality.

Photo: Mert Alas - disclosure Instagram @kimkardashian

Starting from November 7th onwards this sensational collection will be exclusively available at Swarovskis flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan – a destination for New York Citys fashion enthusiasts. Furthermore individuals passionate about fashion from, around the world will have the opportunity to acquire these pieces online through the Skims website.

For Kim Kardashian this collaboration marks another venture into the realm of high quality intimate fashion.

In the year 2021 Skims forged a partnership, with the renowned luxury label Fendi showcasing their dedication to the highest standards of fashion.

Photo: Mert Alas - disclosure Instagram @kimkardashian

On the contrary Swarovski is widely recognized for its craftsmanship and exquisite aesthetics boasting a reputation, for producing top quality crystals. Now they apply their expertise to the realm of apparel and fashionable ready to wear garments.


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