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Calvin Klein Watches unveils new timepieces in a global campaign featuring Lila Moss

The new Fall/Winter 2023 watch collection from the iconic brand reinforces its minimalist, sensual, and contemporary aesthetic.

Credits: Calvin Klein promotion - Photos by Daniel Jackson.

The new line couldn't be more Calvin Klein: in addition to the sculptural, sophisticated, and organic designs of the pieces, signature elements of the brand, the star of the campaign is the English model Lila Moss, the daughter of supermodel Kate Moss. Also English and one of the all-time runway icons, Kate is one of Calvin Klein's historic muses, having participated in groundbreaking campaigns that defined the fashion aesthetics of the 90s.

Lila was photographed by Daniel Jackson, a fashion photographer known for capturing the naturalness and authenticity of models, an ideal approach for what the campaign aims to highlight - the sensual minimalism that harkens back to Calvin Klein's DNA, and the elegant, fluid lines of the Fall/Winter 2023 watch collection. "Lila is a natural choice to represent Calvin Klein Watches and accessories," says Catarina Miduri, Global General Manager for Calvin Klein Watches within the Movado Group. "Her strong presence and effortless sophistication complement the sculptural and dimensionally diverse designs of this new collection," Miduri adds.

One of the key pieces is the watch worn by Lila in the campaign, a multifunctional model from the CK Shape family in its gold-plated version with a mesh metal bracelet. The detail that reveals the refined design guiding the collection is the slightly square case with a 'sunray' dial, which creates a play of light and shadow, enhancing the model's sophistication.

In a symbolic passing of the torch from a Calvin Klein icon to a new generation, Lila states, "I am honored to be once again with Calvin Klein for the Fall/Winter 2023 watch and accessories campaign." She emphasizes, "I was very proud to be a part of the brand's clothing campaign for the Fall 2022 collection, and it's very exciting to have the opportunity to work with the brand again in a watch and accessories campaign that aligns with my own style."

The campaign featuring Lila was globally launched at the end of August and can be seen in digital advertisements, social media, and other Calvin Klein Watches touchpoints.


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