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Camila Ribeiro - The Brazilian Model who enchants Australia


Photos: Neil Dixon - @neildixonphoto
Beauty: Bruna Reis - @brunareiss
Looks: @andi_bagus

In this July edition, Hooks Magazine takes pride in featuring the stunning Brazilian model, Camila Ribeiro, on the cover as "Australia". At 26 years old and under the Capricorn zodiac sign, Camila has been living in Australia for 4 years and 3 months.

Initially, Camila pursued an academic career in chemical engineering in Brazil, where she completed a 3-year course and interned for 2 years in process engineering. However, her journey took a new turn when she moved to Australia in 2019. Determined to learn English, she lived with an Australian family for 1 year and 3 months, becoming fluent in the language and earning various diplomas, including Cambridge and IELTS.

In addition to excelling in academia, Camila discovered a newfound passion in the world of fashion. Currently, she works as a freelance model and is on the verge of taking a significant step in her career by seeking to join a renowned agency in Sydney.

Her life is not solely focused on work and study, as she also embraces a healthy and fitness-oriented lifestyle with her Australian boyfriend, with whom she has been together for 3 years. She engages in daily physical activities such as going to the gym, running, practicing yoga, and pilates.

An avid traveler and enthusiast of diverse cultures, Camila loves exploring beach destinations, which is one of the reasons that drew her to Sydney. The city offers the perfect balance between cosmopolitan atmosphere and stunning beaches, akin to her beloved Rio de Janeiro, despite being born in São Paulo. Her future dreams include the possibility of living in Rio again after completing her business degree in Sydney.

This special edition not only showcases Camila Ribeiro's captivating beauty on our cover as "Australia" but also features an exclusive interview, where she shares her inspirations, experiences, and aspirations for the future. Read more below:

1. What was the main reason that led you to choose Australia as your destination to live and study?

The main reason that made me move to Australia was the combination of being a big city with beautiful beaches. I had close friends who had lived here and spoke highly of it, so I decided to come and initially stay for 7 months to a year as a gap year. However, I ended up falling in love with the country and, since I hadn't finished my college degree in Brazil, I decided to start studying here.

2. Tell us a bit about your experience living with an Australian family for over a year to learn English. How did this experience contribute to your personal and professional development?

When I came to Australia, my intention was solely to learn English and then return to Brazil to complete my college degree there. For this reason, during my first year living here, I focused on studying English full-time and was also looking for a part-time job that would immerse me in the Australian culture and English language. During this process, I found a job as a live-in Au pair. I lived with the family and worked as a nanny a few days a week. During the time I lived with them, we formed a family bond, and they greatly helped me in developing my fluency in English and adapting to the dynamics of living in a new country.

3. Besides your engineering degree, you are also completing a business degree at a higher education level. How do you see these different areas of study complementing your career?

Studying at a higher education level in a second language was quite challenging at the beginning, but it has certainly opened up many opportunities for learning and professional development. Improving my communication skills and networking, for example, has connected me with people who have guided me in the modeling process and future projects in my career.

4. Congratulations on receiving the award for the highest GPA in the first term of your engineering course! How do you balance your academic schedule with daily physical activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I have always enjoyed exercising, so it becomes a natural part of my routine. Usually, I go to the gym in the morning, so even on busy days, I always try to find time for a workout.

5. How was the beginning of your career as a freelance model, and what is the process to join a modeling agency in Sydney?

I have always been very interested in the world of fashion and digital media. Freelance modeling works through platforms that connect models with brands. Recently, after doing some modeling work and expanding my networking and portfolio as a model/content creator here in Australia, I received recommendations and guidance from agencies regarding the application process.

6. We know that you are passionate about traveling and exploring different places. What are the top three dream travel destinations on your bucket list?

Tropical countries are always at the top of my list. Currently, places like the Maldives, South Africa, and Hawaii (United States) are definitely on my dream travel destinations bucket list.

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