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Caroline Tozaki: The Miss who shines on the cover of Hooks Magazine


Cover Caroline Tozaki

Photos: Vanessa Deleu (Credit passed by the model)

Model: Caroline Tozaki - @caroltozaki

Design Director: @mathlopes

Today, Hooks Magazine is pleased to unveil the 'BRAZIL' edition, starring the illustrious model and Miss, Caroline Tozaki. From her humble beginnings to becoming Miss Brazil and later Miss International, Caroline's journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Caroline Tozaki's path to success was filled with challenges. As a young Black woman from modest origins, her dream of becoming a Miss seemed distant. However, her determination to make her family proud propelled her through numerous obstacles and rejections. Her journey showcases an unwavering pursuit of dreams against all odds.

Preparation played a crucial role in Caroline's success in beauty pageants. From a young age, she dedicated herself to being ready for any opportunity that might arise. Her advice to aspiring pageant contestants is to always be prepared and proactive in creating opportunities. Physical preparation, effective communication, and most importantly, mental and spiritual well-being are essential components of her preparation strategy. Surrounding herself with supportive people and being in the right environment were pivotal in her journey.

Caroline Tozaki

Caroline believes that being a Miss goes beyond physical appearance. For her, it's about representing her country and advocating for meaningful causes. She is a strong advocate for inclusion and uses her platform to address the lack of representation of Black individuals in prominent positions in Brazil. Her mission is to change this narrative, and she has worked tirelessly to promote this cause.


1: Caroline, how has your journey been from the beginning of your modeling career to becoming Miss Brazil and later Miss International? What were the biggest challenges you faced?

The journey was not easy but it was worth it. Imagine a Black girl, below the modeling standard height, from a simple family dreaming of becoming a beauty queen; it was a distant dream, let alone Miss International. However, my main goal was to make my family proud, especially my parents. So I faced all the obstacles, all the "no's," and continued on my journey.

Caroline Tozaki

2: Participating in beauty contests requires a lot of physical and emotional preparation. How did you prepare for these competitions and what advice would you give to other young women who wish to follow the same path?

Since this was my biggest dream, I've been preparing for it forever. I didn't know exactly when it would happen, but I always dedicated myself. And that's the advice I give to everyone. Always be ready, and don't wait for the opportunity. Make it happen! There are many ways to prepare, physically, verbally, but the most important thing is psychologically. If you know what you want and your mental and spirituality are well, you can go far. So, invest in physical activities, surround yourself with good people, be in the right place, all of this helped me and can help you.

Caroline Tozaki

3: Being Miss Brazil and Miss International is not just about beauty, but also about representing a country and important causes. What are the causes you support the most and how have you worked to promote these causes?

I believe that what made me win this title was not my beauty. Miss is not about BEING, it's about SERVING. You have a platform, and my platform is inclusion. It's the inclusion of everyone. In our current Brazilian context, we don't see Black people assuming important positions, like a Miss, a presenter, a president, a director. And that needs to change. So I used my space, which was very difficult to conquer, to speak up for this cause.

4: Looking back, what would you say was the most memorable or emotional moment of your journey as Miss?

All moments are important; they are what brought me here. However, representing my country in Asia, being able to show the world who we are, a bit of our culture, our joy of living, was emotional. I wasn't there as Carol; I was there as Brazil. And hearing people cheering, shouting 'Brazil, Brazil'... was unforgettable!

Caroline Tozaki

5: How do you deal with the pressure and expectations that come with the titles of Miss Brazil and Miss International? What strategies do you use to maintain mental and emotional health?

The pressure is quite significant, but today I'm more concerned with showing who I truly am. The Carol who is a friend, daughter, dedicated, and cheerful. Being able to show that I can be divided into several 'Carols'. The Miss Carol who has responsibilities, who inspires other women, other girls. But also the everyday Carol. So, when I understood that I needed to be myself and have this balance, I started not to pay so much attention to criticism and pressure. That helps me a lot.

Caroline Tozaki

6: Besides being a beauty queen, what are your future goals and projects that you are eager to accomplish? Is there something in particular you would like to achieve or experience in the coming years?

I have many dreams that I still want to achieve, and I'm working hard to make them come true. I've always loved art; art inspires and can change lives. I'm studying theater; as I mentioned before, I'm preparing to create my own opportunity, haha. In the future, God willing, acting would be one of my biggest dreams!

Caroline Tozaki


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