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Animale's circular fashion movement celebrates five editions with a new campaign.

Photos disclosure ANIMALE

For five years, this project has been driving circular fashion through the reimagining of pieces based on quality and durability, characteristics that are in the brand's DNA. The initiative is built on the concept of reimagining and extending the lifespan of clothing, and it is gaining increasing prominence in Animale's ESG agendas. The goal is to promote circularity in fashion and, in doing so, create positive socio-environmental impacts while fulfilling the commitments made by the brand.

Starting this Tuesday, the 12th, the campaign is collecting gently used pieces from any women's brand, with composition tags, which can be exchanged for credits in the current collection.


The campaign for the new edition launches Club Animale Vintage and celebrates the achievements thus far. It features the participation of three prominent partners: Luciana Tranchesi, Maria Braz, and Stephanie Ribeiro, along with other influential women who are part of the brand's style team. They all come together for a unique purpose: to invite customers to be part of this movement and expand this collective unity so that the project can achieve even greater results.

Each guest shares their insights and contributes to the momentum of this significant movement, which is built on the quality and durability characteristics of the label's products. Luciana played a key role in rallying and extending the participation of everyone. Top influencer Maria Braz brought her fresh perspective to discussions about vintage and contemporary fashion. Stephanie, who also took part in the campaign for Women's Month, addressing the brand's commitments to the ESG agenda, now returns to share incredible stories she created with clothing that will, in turn, have new chapters and experiences with others.


The results are impressive: since its first edition, more than 160,000 clothing items have been donated to various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), positively impacting over 190,000 people, including children, adolescents, and women in vulnerable social situations. For the third year in a row, the generated profits will be directed to the Dona de Si Institute and invested in the Fashion Lab, a social project focused on empowering female talents in creative sewing. Since its inception, 260 hours of training have been provided, with six exclusive workshops led by top brand professionals covering topics such as sewing, entrepreneurship, and income generation. A total of $53,329.92, raised from Vintage Bazaar sales in 2021 and 2022, have already funded the training of 93 women in sewing classes at the Fashion Lab.

As for items from other brands, they will be donated to partner NGOs that organize internal bazaars and invest the proceeds in their own social initiatives, such as Gerando Falcões, Fundação Angélica Goulart, Associação dos Amigos da Infância com Câncer, Amigos do Bem, and Redes da Maré.



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