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Confidence and Beauty: The Inspiring Journey of Luciana Soares and the Peach Up Revolution


Photographer: Mari Graudin - @marigraudin

Press: Gio Prates - @gio.prates

Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Fashion Director Hooks: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

An entrepreneur in the insurance industry for over 27 years, Luciana Soares Narloch embarked on a transformative journey in her personal life and physical well-being. She founded Peach Up with the mission of providing high-quality products aimed at boosting people's self-esteem. Upon discovering her best self, Luciana is dedicated to instilling confidence and inspiration in all women. With extensive experience in the business world, Lu found her passion in realizing that self-care and self-love could serve as examples of resilience and inspiration for all.

Quality and safety are also top priorities for the brand, which achieved over 1 million reais in revenue in its first two months of existence, thanks to its remarkable results. The products are crafted by highly trained and qualified professionals, utilizing the best ingredients and advanced technology, with a guarantee of effectiveness and strict compliance with the necessary regulations.

Lu Soares aims to provide, through her products, the appreciation of the best in every woman, both from within and without. Peach Up is certainly a revolutionary brand in the field of cosmetology, having already won the hearts of many famous Brazilian women and is now captivating women worldwide. Luciana is an embodiment of strength, intelligence, determination, and inspiration—a woman of millions, a woman of values!

Check out this exclusive interview:

1. Luciana, you mentioned that Peach Up was born after a transformative turning point in your personal and physical life. Can you share more about this personal transformation and how it influenced your decision to enter the beauty and self-esteem industry?

Almost three years ago, I faced numerous health issues, and my self-esteem hit rock bottom! I was literally at the bottom of the pit. That's when I had to take action regarding everything negative happening in my life. I hired a personal trainer, started focusing on my diet, and used imported products for firming and skin improvement due to weight loss. This combination of care transformed me and ignited the desire to create something to help women become their best selves!

2. Besides your products and business, we can see that you are a woman of values and inspiration. Could you tell us more about how your personal journey shaped your business vision and what motivates you to inspire other women?

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and been highly goal-oriented. What motivates me to inspire women is the need to make it clear to society that women are taking over the world. We are becoming increasingly powerful in business, and we need to show that we, as women, can be whatever we want to be!

3. Peach Up has achieved impressive results, reaching over 1 million reais in revenue in just two months of existence. What are the main factors you attribute to this initial success, considering your own role in the company?

Peach Up is a success; I knew it would be from the first day I created the brand! There was a lot of work before the launch to make everything perfect as it is now. If you do something well, putting all your love and dedication into it, there's no way it can go wrong! For Peach Up, there is only Plan A, and in my life too, there is only Plan A because Plan B is for losers.

4. You mentioned that Peach Up's goal is to value the best in every woman, from the inside out and from the outside in. How do you believe your own journey of self-discovery contributes to this mission?

Peach Up's goal is to transform lives! I want to transform women into their best versions! I want them to be inspired by my story! Success always comes to those who have good stories to tell!

5. How do you balance your entrepreneurial career with personal self-development? Are there practices or life philosophies that you consider essential for your success in both personal life and business?

Balance is crucial in everything in life. I always try to weigh everything I do. I like the idea of doing everything well thought out, with pedigree, you know? You either do it well or you don't do it at all!



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