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Dallis and Kauane: The Contagious Energy of the Yin Yang Duo


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In the vibrant "MUSIC" edition of Hooks Magazine in August, we delve into the electronic music universe through the journey of the DJ duo Dallis and Kauane, known as Yin Yang. This dynamic pair graces the cover of the magazine as the highlight, bringing with them a contagious energy that is a true celebration of music and talent.

The exclusive interview with Dallis and Kauane reveals an impressive early career, which flourished in just 10 months since their course completion. This short journey is already punctuated by unforgettable moments, including performances in exotic destinations such as Mykonos, Thailand, and Dubai, where the duo currently resides and where their career took off. Dallis and Kauane have a clear vision of their mission, being intense and infusing positive energy into everything they do, making each moment a unique and memorable experience.

The formation of the Yin Yang duo was born from a singular inspiration. Bound by a passion for electronic music, Dallis and Kauane attended parties and festivals for years before deciding to embark on a new journey as DJs. The idea of forming the duo arose during a party in Santa Catarina (State within Brazil), as they looked at the sunrise sky and found inspiration in the Yin Yang concept. This duality of forces, combined with the connection and energy shared between the two, gave rise to a partnership that transcends music.

Check out the exclusive interview now:

1. How would you describe the journey of your careers so far? What have been the most memorable moments?

We consider every moment of our career to be very memorable. We started as DJs just 10 months ago, after completing our course. We have already had incredible experiences, performing in locations like Mykonos, Thailand, and Dubai, where we currently reside and where we began our career. Our mission is to be intense in every moment and infuse positive energy into everything we do, making our moments unforgettable and unique.

2. Tell us a bit about how the Yin Yang duo formed. What was the inspiration behind this partnership?

We have always loved electronic music and have been attending parties and festivals for years. On August 21, 2022, during a party in Santa Catarina, the idea of taking a course and becoming DJs together and forming the duo came up. As we were leaving that party, which is located in front of Praia Brava, we looked at the sunrise sky. Half of the sky was clear and reflected in the dark sea. It was at that moment that we both mentioned at the same time that it reminded us of Yin Yang, thus becoming the perfect name for our duo. We believe that when we connect with the universe, it gifts us with many things, especially when two people connect with the same energy and strength. The name was a gift from the universe to us. On that same day, we created everything, from the style of music we would play to our unique selling point, deciding to wear only black and white clothing, and we also created a concept. We were inspired by DJs Le Twins, two Mexican twins.

3. What music style do you prefer to play as DJs? How would you describe it, and what makes it unique?

We are very eclectic and love various styles of electronic music. Currently, we resonate more with house and tech house, as they allow us to get the audience dancing and take them to another level. What makes it unique is the energy we transmit in each performance. The choice of rhythm, melody, and intensity can influence the emotional and energetic state of our audience. Fast and intense beats can boost energy, while smooth melodies can have a calming effect. We prefer to elevate the audience's energy.

4. Dubai is a global hub for entertainment and culture. Why did you choose Dubai to kickstart your careers as DJs? What opportunities does this city offer for artists like yourselves?

We were already residing in Dubai when we completed our course. At the end of the course, our instructor provided us with a unique opportunity: to perform at a nightclub. On that day, there was a businessman who owned several nightclubs present. After our first performance, he was impressed and invited us to perform at all of his venues. This is how we started performing, and we realized that Dubai offered more opportunities due to its status as a tourist destination, welcoming 14 million tourists a year and featuring numerous parties, clubs, and restaurants.

5. Over time, how did you realize you were developing a unique musical identity as Yin Yang? What elements define it?

Not necessarily a unique musical identity, but rather a concept, a brand. We possess a distinctive style that starts with our visuals, as we always perform in black and white clothing. Our production and the choreographies we perform during certain songs are also distinctive and eye-catching elements, unique in the world.

6. Could you share a bit about Yin Yang duo's future plans? Is there an exciting project that fans can look forward to?

We have many incredible projects happening up until December. However, the most exciting one is the release of our first song, accompanied by a music video. We are eager and happy because we believe it will be a significant step in our career. Additionally, we are planning a tour in Brazil in December and January. It will be an amazing experience since we have never performed in our home country before, allowing fans, friends, and family to see us perform for the first time. We can't wait to see you all there!

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24 de ago. de 2023
Uyyy, como é o dinheiro investido dos homens casados ​​que essas duas garotas transam em Dubai.... Vamos ver, já mencionei os lugares famosos que elas já tocaram como DJ? meninas falsas...

23 de ago. de 2023
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Parabéns e muito sucesso a vocês meninas Yin Yang. 🥰

Bjos Simone Silva

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