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Discover the New Haute-Parfumerie Collection: Absolue Les Parfums by Lancôme


Lancôme, a renowned perfume house, proudly presents its latest creation: the Absolue Les Parfums collection. This exclusive line features 11 new fragrances dedicated to the iconic Rose Centifolia, cultivated in the heart of their own estate.

The Vision of Master Perfumers Fanny Bal and Dominique Ropion

“This composition is as clear as morning dew. A pure, delicate, and sunny rose, created instinctively,” say master perfumers Fanny Bal and Dominique Ropion. Inspired by the first rays of the sun reflecting on the morning dew, they have captured the essence of an optimistic rose that shines with a lily of the valley accord. This fragrance dances alongside jasmine from the estate, offering a clean, luminous, fresh, and floral blend that evokes infinite possibilities.

Le Domaine de la Rose: Cultivating an Inimitable Rose

Lancôme’s estate is a sanctuary where nature thrives in its wild state, providing the perfect environment for cultivating the Rose Centifolia. Absolue Les Parfums is the first haute-perfumery collection dedicated to this rose, revealing an exclusive fragrance unlike any you have experienced before.

Reinventing the Iconic Perfume Ingredient

Lancôme’s master perfumers have moved beyond the classic olfactory pyramid, developing a new method of constructing a perfume: the halo construction. In this innovative approach, the rose becomes the heart of an olfactory symphony. Each fragrance in the Absolue Les Parfums collection is born from the fusion of Lancôme’s exclusive rose with an emblematic natural element from the rose estate.

A Unique Olfactory Experience

With Absolue Les Parfums, Lancôme invites perfume lovers to embark on a unique sensory journey. This collection is not only a celebration of the Rose Centifolia but also a tribute to the art of perfumery. Comprising 11 exceptional fragrances, each promises an unparalleled olfactory experience, transforming everyday moments into pure indulgence and luxury.

Discover the new Absolue Les Parfums collection and allow yourself to be enveloped by the elegance and sophistication that only Lancôme can offer.


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