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Exclusive Fenty Beauty tips for achieving Mermaid Eyes

Photo Courtesy Fenty Beauty

The possibility of reinventing oneself, expressing artistic creativity, exploring new techniques, and not limiting oneself to a specific audience is what categorizes makeup as something democratic. Even with the constant release of new products with different functionalities, shine is an element that remains timeless and continues to take center stage in countless trends over the decades.

The new trend of Mermaid Eyes embraces iridescent shine to allude to a mermaid's tail. Since reproducing this technique can be somewhat simple, the #TimeFenty decided to enhance the look with their iconic products and tips from their expert trainer in Brazil, Fanie Castro.

Check out the foolproof method for Mermaid Eyes below:

TIP 1: If you choose to use an eyeshadow as a base, opt for subdued tones. "Neutral colors with a satin finish will intensify the technique. The Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette in True Neutral contains the perfect shadows to achieve this result," advises Fanie.

TIP 2: Choose a creamy consistency shimmer for the initial application, such as the Fenty Shadowstix Satin Eyeshadow Stick. "The shimmer of Shadowstix in the Sip & Sparkle shade perfectly complements its champagne undertone. Its intense pigmentation and buildable layers illuminate the eyelid for an unparalleled glow effect," she explains.

TIP 3: Finally, she recommends using a powerful highlighter on top of the Shadowstix, like the Fenty Diamond Bomb in the How Many Carats?! shade. In an unbeatable combination, the Fenty Hella Thicc Volumizing Mascara can join forces with the 3D sparkle of Diamond Bomb for enviable volume and a standout gaze.

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