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FARFETCH announces a new campaign that celebrates festive moments at the end of the year

The platform also provides relevant data about consumer behavior during this period

Photo release FARFETCH Limited

The end of the year is the perfect time to set goals and make wishes, dream about the future, in addition to the traditional vacations and celebrations that mark the festive season. It is from this perspective that the latest campaign from FARFETCH Limited (NYSE: FTCH), the leading global platform for the luxury industry, was born. With a special focus on summer and vacations, the campaign celebrates the tropical spirit and unique festive moments of the end of the year with the theme "Make a wish!"

The campaign will unfold in three different moments to embrace the diversity of year-end celebrations in Brazil. The first moment focuses on festivities, featuring a curation of Partywear items, including dresses and shiny, metallic accessories, ensuring elegance and sophistication for the celebrations. The second moment focuses on Beachwear pieces, with beach attire that guarantees comfort and style for the warmer days by the sea. Finally, the third moment is marked by vacations, featuring a selection of looks designed for various destinations.

Debora Capobianco, LATAM Marketing Director at FARFETCH, adds, "Here at FARFETCH, we believe that every festivity deserves to be celebrated, just as every consumer deserves a unique experience. Our curation is not only about fashion and luxury but also reflects an incessant search for pieces that translate the authenticity and diversity of each customer during the festive period."

Consumer Profile

The campaign also reflects the purchasing preferences of the marketplace consumers during this period. Data from FARFETCH itself highlights beachwear and partywear as the most sought-after categories, with bags, floral dresses, and colorful sandals being favorites among women. For men, shirts, T-shirts, logo polos, sneakers, and streetwear-associated pieces top the list.

Color choices also play a crucial role in purchasing decisions, with neutral tones, metallics, blue, pink, gold, and red leading consumer preferences.

Amidst the analysis, FARFETCH also observes that, while sustainable items maintain their importance throughout the year, during this festive period, consumers tend to lean towards promotions and discounts when making their purchases.

As part of the year-end campaign, the platform also presents a series of content on Instagram, along with a male and female gift guide, showcasing the pieces that are part of the Holidays campaign and encouraging consumers to make a wish and celebrate in style.


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