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FARM Rio continues its global expansion movement with a permanent space in London

Photos Courtesy FARM Rio

FARM Rio is expanding its global movement and strengthening its relationship with London in a new permanent space at the iconic Liberty department store, alongside the launch of the Fall-Winter 23 collection. Now, the brand will have an exclusive store on the second floor in the contemporary women's fashion section, opened with installations in its windows and central atrium.

FARM Rio at Liberty is an invitation to an immersive journey through the brand's nature, with the concept of a surreal forest. The launch is accompanied by partners who create different projects together, combining fashion and art. At Liberty, the multi-artist Gringo Cardia is responsible for the scenography in partnership with the Proeza Institute and Leandro Assis.

The combination of these perspectives has given shape to surrealism and the essence of FARM, with a universe of original prints and vibrant design. The Liberty atrium will be adorned with a 12-meter-tall tree, celebrating Brazil's rich biodiversity and the brand's commitment to planting a tree with every purchase in partnership with the organization One Tree Planted. FARM will also occupy eight windows, which come to life with signature prints and free-spirited designs.

Every detail of the space has been carefully thought out to create not only visual impact but also sensory experiences that will transport people to FARM Rio's winter forest, with a myriad of colors, textures, and evoking what it means to be a nature enthusiast.

FARM Rio's presence at Liberty will take place throughout the entire month of September, and the store will launch the new Fall-Winter 23 collection from this date onward in a permanent space. This moment marks the next step in FARM's European expansion, with exciting developments such as the opening of its first physical store in London in the winter of 2023.

"Liberty is one of our most valuable retail partnerships, and we look forward to continuing to nurture and develop this relationship over the years. This was our first stop in London, a city we love and find perfect for launching our new offerings in the next six months. We feel that the Liberty customer is closely aligned with FARM Rio, seeking unique pieces that evoke joy and optimism - we're excited to take our partnership to the next level," says Co-Founder and Creative Director Kátia Barros.
"We are thrilled to invite FARM Rio, one of our favorite partner brands, to occupy our store in September and celebrate this collaboration. Beautifully crafted, full of optimism and fun, FARM Rio is perfectly aligned with our vision and will resonate directly with our creative community, blending fashion and craftsmanship with a colorful celebration in our iconic atrium. For us, shopping is a sanctuary, and when two creative brands come together, magic happens!" says Sarah Coonan, Managing Director of Retail at Liberty.

Visit the FARM Rio pop-up at Liberty, Regent Street, W1B 5AH, until September 26th. FARM Rio's concession will become a permanent store in the contemporary women's fashion section on the second floor. You can also check it out online at



What if a warm embrace could turn any cold day into joy? That's the essence of our Fall-Winter 2023 collection. Our pieces bring an unexpected twist to the autumn-winter wardrobe, inviting you to embrace the season with new colors, play with style, and appreciate every little detail.

Whether in earthy or vibrant tones, our prints bloom all year round. Long dresses brighten up your everyday, while our maxi knits seem tailor-made for those moments when all we want is to feel cozy. From charming accessories like soft fabrics that match with capes and umbrellas to reversible quilted coats or winter essentials, we're ready to embrace the coldest season of the year with an extra dose of happiness.

The FW23 collection celebrates the brand's unique way of bringing vibrant colors and exclusive prints into winter clothing. FARM Rio's products embody the essence of Brazilian fashion - from unique cuts to timeless prints, the pieces are living stories of FARM's culture and encourage creativity and the expression of each individual's personality.



This autumn, we are presenting our Fall-Winter 23 collection accompanied by a creative intervention at the iconic Liberty department store in London. The project embodies the connection between art and fashion. It offers an exclusive preview of our releases through an immersive shopping experience, akin to stepping into one of our prints and seeing its elements come to life.

The intervention tells the story of a surreal winter forest and its colorful creatures, from macaws to jaguars, mushrooms to luminous stars. The highlight is a towering 12-meter-high tree that rises in the central atrium of Liberty, showcasing an array of handcrafted elements created in partnership with the Proeza Institute, a UNESCO-recognized organization. The Brazilian multi-artist Gringo Cardia conceived the concept, while carnival specialist Leandro Vieira is responsible for its flawless execution.

The project also celebrates the achievements of our reforestation program '1 purchase = 1 tree planted,' which has already planted over 1 million trees in six different biomes in Brazil. As a brand that breathes nature, we work tirelessly to bring beauty back to the world - whether through art, fashion, or sustainable initiatives.

The installation and window intervention will be on display until September 29th. FARM Rio's concession space at Liberty will be a permanent retail point.



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