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Fenty Beauty presents the perfect products to embrace the Barbie Core trend

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Rihanna's makeup brand offers products to embrace the pink tone that sets the season.

The fashion and beauty world has been greatly inspired by the Barbiecore trend, which went viral on social media. With a focus on vibrant pink, it didn't take long for the trend to captivate fashionistas and make its way into the red carpet looks of Hollywood celebrities. Fenty Beauty has curated the perfect products to embrace the Barbiecore mood, the new beloved aesthetic.

Barbiecore beauty is inclusive of all skin tones, body types, and genders, and Fenty Beauty couldn't miss out on it. The brand presents a range of products in pink shades that help create the perfect makeup to complement the looks of this trend.

Fenty Beauty is available at Sephora physical stores and on the website.

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